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Discover the advantages of a one-number, communications HUB: your text-enabled church landline

Business woman working in office. Woman talking on Landline phone.

Business woman working in office. Woman talking on Landline phone.

Picture a church in which:

The pastor and several church staff have all shared their mobile phone numbers with their ministry.

Church members get confused about which number to use when. Quite often, the pastor and staff receive texts/calls which they need to redirect to the relevant people.

Since people are used to texting, they text the church landline, too. Of course, the landline is not text-enabled, so these texts are never received…much less answered.

There’s a lot of confusion and time-wasting, definitely not the right conditions for building healthy, church relationships.

Josiah Elias of Faith Chapel found that the PastorsLine landline hosting feature was just what his church needed.

Josiah shared the following:

As you can see, Faith Chapel decided to have one person answering the phone, leaving the others free to get on with other important ministry tasks.

And that’s the beauty of church landline hosting.

Even if people decide to text your landline (lots do that first before calling whether or not they think it’s a landline), you receive it.

You have flexibility. Calls and texts can be dealt with “live” by someone in the church office, saving tons of credits for texting and handling the call locally. Texts/calls can also be forwarded to another phone or saved for later.

You can use your PastorsLine number and have communication forwarded to a different phone, even your landline.

Since you have one number, people know it (recognize it). So, when you send a group text or even a voice broadcast (and enable the number as Caller ID), it is more likely to be picked up or engaged with.

Better than knowing it, your flock has this number saved in their phones. So when your church texts or calls, Caller ID automatically pops up.

Your church landline is already printed on documents/stationary and in circulation. No need to reprint/update in a hurry, so less expense and hassle.

You choose and change as often as needed. All your calls and texts are received, so no one falls through the cracks.

Ready to reduce communication confusion for your flock, make sure you are getting all your calls/texts, and increase efficiency and job satisfaction for your church staff?

Of course, it’s a no brainer. Take me to your free, $0 for 30 days trial.

Not yet, but I’d like to know more about texting in churches.

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