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October 2018 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Jason Alexis | October 22, 2018

Time once again to give you an update about what the PastorsLine team has been doing and a peek into what’s upcoming. First and foremost—we thank our client partners for their patience and their excellent feedback. Many of the things on our ‘To Do’ list were inspired by your requests. We’re totally pleased because our…


Why you should not sign up to use PastorsLine

By Jason Alexis | July 31, 2018

Update 2019: Changes are coming soon!!! Day Hour Minute Second Let’s be honest. Our PastorsLine dashboard offers so much that at times, it feels overwhelming. Here are some options to consider. Explore a complete tour of our web app. Schedule a call with our team. Is this enough to convince you not to move forward?…

Fixes, Features, and forecast

May 2018 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Team PastorsLine | May 29, 2018

After working flat out for about a year on our Church Community Builder (CCB) and Planning Center Online (PCO) integrations, it was time to give our own PastorsLine platform some much needed TLC. So, we’ve been hard at work dealing with tons of bug fixes as well as new coding to incorporate your great feedback…

Fixes, Features, and forecast

March 2018 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Team PastorsLine | March 14, 2018

Since we last reported, we’ve been full steam ahead on your wishlist items and tweaking things to make PastorsLine more intuitive and even more powerful. One of the areas we have been busy attending to is the issue of multiple numbers. More than one telephone number is great but it can get confusing. We have…

Fixes, Features, and forecast

December 2017 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Jason Alexis | December 10, 2017

We’ve been super active the last few months adding features you’ve asked for, squashing bugs and, in general, making things even more useful, user-friendly, and visually attractive. Before we dive into specifics….   Anne Heath Anne has joined our PastorsLine team as a customer support specialist. Watch Anne’s short bio vid to find out more…

Fixes, Features, and forecast

Multi-user, CCB, voice, data capture (FKA autoresponder) features

By Jason Alexis | August 24, 2017

Over the last two months, we have added additional features and fixed several items on our list. The following covers the ones that directly impact our users. Multi-user Options Our multi-user feature has been running for several weeks and our church partners are loving the flexibility. It goes beyond just allowing additional users. We believe…


PastorsLine / CCB Integrations: What’s Happening At the Moment

By Jason Alexis | June 26, 2017

We’re really enjoying how your feedback is leading to improvements and refinements. Thanks and keep those comments / requests coming! Here’s where we are at the moment… Duplicates handling It’s no secret that most CCB users probably have tons of duplicate data within their applications. And once you sync that data with ours…well, we’ve most…

Fixes, Features, and forecast

April 2017 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Jason Alexis | May 1, 2017

We have done a ton under the hood of PastorsLine. You will continue to notice improved performance when using the desktop or mobile app. Mobile App ​Talking about the mobile app, have you tried it yet? Whether or not you prefer using the desktop version, I would recommend installing and signing into the app. This…