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Bonus: First Baptist Orlando’s simple, one-text, guest follow-up process

About this guide

This guide is all about practical ways you can use text messaging to follow up more often and more effectively with your guests. Having worked with hundreds of churches over the last 6 years, we’ve learned along with churches and have seen how these shared tips have helped churches save time and cut through the communication bottleneck. Most of it goes beyond just having a tool. It’s more a matter of knowing how to use it.

90% of this guide will be practice-tested data, including copy and paste templates you can use this weekend.

This will include

  • The anatomy of a Guest follow-up strategy
  • 4Cs - connect, capture, communicate, convert
  • First Baptist Orlando’s single, highly effective, 1 text, guest follow-up template
  • 7 points on why this one text template is so effective for First Baptist Orlando
  • Guest Follow-up Calendar -- A 3-step process that works
  • Swipe copies for texts you can use now - Copy and paste
  • 9 rules to keep your dialogue going
  • How to get started for free and test out these concepts this weekend

We don’t share anything which hasn’t been tested or isn’t informed by our experience, churches’ feedback and real data....such as the exciting experience of First Baptist Orlando Church which we are going to share with you soon.

Disclaimer: Communication strategies and digital tools aren’t “magical” pills that solve all churches’ problems. We know there is a spiritual component and many other layers. This guide is specific to tweaking the way pastors and leaders communicate, with specific tips and examples to help you do more in less time.

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