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VBS Swipe Copy that saves time and decreases stress

VBS Swipe Copy that saves time and decreases stress

Bonus: Creating a VBS follow-up campaign

About this Guide

Many of you are hard at work on the fast-approaching VBS season. Whether a fully paid, subsidized or free series of events, VBS is a very big deal.

In her article on the website, Facts and Trends, Sara Shelton informed: “churches that used LifeWay VBS material reported more than 2.5 million people enrolled in VBS”. Add to that Churches using other material and you get a lot of people! Statistics show that hundreds of thousands of these people were previously unchurched and that VBS results in tens of thousands of new professions of faith.

So, churches understand the huge opportunity here—the chance to create an experience that combines children, parents, God, your church, fun, and interaction.

And the positive knock-on effect is that people often stick around for a few weekends after VBS has finished.

Rolling out and implementing a VBS program is a serious undertaking. Fortunately, there are lots of great VBS packages available with all the lesson plans, crafts, and activities you need. That’s not us.

We’re more into the logistics side of things, the organization and communication if you will.

Besides inspired content, successful VBS programs need people: people to attend and people to make it happen. We can help with that big time.

What if you could use text messaging to get in touch and keep in touch in a human, non-spammy way before, during and after your VBS event?

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