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The following table is a list of characters that are replaced by Copilot's Smart Encoding.

See the original issue here.

Unicode Character



Transliterated Character

U+00AB « left-pointing double angle quotation mark "
U+00BB » right-pointing double angle quotation mark "
U+201C left double quotation mark "
U+201D right double quotation mark "
U+02BA ʺ modifier letter double prime "
U+02EE ˮ modifier letter double apostrophe "
U+201F double high-reversed-9 quotation mark "
U+275D heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament "
U+275E heavy double comma quotation mark ornament "
U+301D reversed double prime quotation mark "
U+301E double prime quotation mark "
U+FF02 fullwidth quotation mark "
U+2018 left single quotation mark '
U+2019 right single quotation mark '
U+02BB ʻ modifier letter turned comma '
U+02C8 ˈ modifier letter vertical line '
U+02BC ʼ modifier letter apostrophe '
U+02BD ʽ modifier letter reversed comma '
U+02B9 ʹ modifier letter prime '
U+201B single high-reversed-9 quotation mark '
U+FF07 fullwidth apostrophe '
U+00B4 ´ acute accent '
U+02CA ˊ modifier letter acute accent '
U+0060 ` grave accent '
U+02CB ˋ modifier letter grave accent '
U+275B heavy single turned comma quotation mark ornament '
U+275C heavy single comma quotation mark ornament '
U+0313 ̓ combining comma above '
U+0314 ̔ combining reversed comma above '
U+FE10 presentation form for vertical comma '
U+FE11 presentation form for vertical ideographic comma '
U+00F7 ÷ division sign /
U+00BC ¼ vulgar fraction one quarter 1/4
U+00BD ½ vulgar fraction one half 1/2
U+00BE ¾ vulgar fraction three quarters 3/4
U+29F8 big solidus /
U+0337 ̷ combining short solidus overlay /
U+0338 ̸ combining long solidus overlay /
U+2044 fraction slash /
U+2215 division slash /
U+FF0F fullwidth solidus /
U+29F9 big reverse solidus \
U+29F5 reverse solidus operator \
U+20E5 combining reverse solidus overlay \
U+FE68 small reverse solidus \
U+FF3C fullwidth reverse solidus \
U+0332 ̲ combining low line _
U+FF3F _ fullwidth low line _
U+20D2 combining long vertical line overlay |
U+20D3 combining short vertical line overlay |
U+2223 divides |
U+FF5C fullwidth vertical line |
U+23B8 left vertical box line |
U+23B9 right vertical box line |
U+23D0 vertical line extension |
U+239C left parenthesis extension |
U+239F right parenthesis extension |
U+23BC horizontal scan line-7 -
U+23BD horizontal scan line-9 -
U+2015 horizontal bar -
U+FE63 small hyphen-minus -
U+FF0D fullwidth hyphen-minus -
U+2010 hyphen -
U+2043 hyphen bullet -
U+FE6B small commercial at sign @
U+FF20 fullwidth commercial at sign @
U+FE69 small dollar sign $
U+FF04 fullwidth dollar sign $
U+01C3 ǃ latin letter retroflex click !
U+FE15 presentation form for vertical exclamation mark !
U+FE57 small exclamation mark !
U+FF01 fullwidth exclamation mark !
U+FE5F small number sign #
U+FF03 fullwidth number sign #
U+FE6A small percent sign %
U+FF05 fullwidth percent sign %
U+FE60 small ampersand &
U+FF06 fullwidth ampersand &
U+201A single low-9 quotation mark  ,
U+0326 ̦ combining comma below  ,
U+FE50 small comma  ,
U+FE51 small ideographic comma  ,
U+FF0C fullwidth comma ,
U+FF64 halfwidth ideographic comma ,
U+2768 medium left parenthesis ornament (
U+276A medium flattened left parenthesis ornament (
U+FE59 small left parenthesis (
U+FF08 fullwidth left parenthesis (
U+27EE mathematical left flattened parenthesis (
U+2985 left white parenthesis (
U+2769 medium right parenthesis ornament )
U+276B medium flattened right parenthesis ornament )
U+FE5A small right parenthesis )
U+FF09 fullwidth right parenthesis )
U+27EF mathematical right flattened parenthesis )
U+2986 right white parenthesis )
U+204E low asterisk *
U+2217 asterisk operator *
U+229B circled asterisk operator *
U+2722 four teardrop-spoked asterisk *
U+2723 four balloon-spoked asterisk *
U+2724 heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk *
U+2725 four club-spoked asterisk *
U+2731 heavy asterisk *
U+2732 open centre asterisk *
U+2733 ✳ eight spoked asterisk *
U+273A sixteen pointed asterisk *
U+273B teardrop-spoked asterisk *
U+273C open centre teardrop-spoked asterisk *
U+273D heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk *
U+2743 heavy teardrop-spoked pinwheel asterisk *
U+2749 balloon-spoked asterisk *
U+274A eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk *
U+274B heavy eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk *
U+29C6 squared asterisk *
U+FE61 small asterisk *
U+FF0A fullwidth asterisk *
U+02D6 ˖ modifier letter plus sign +
U+FE62 small plus sign +
U+FF0B fullwidth plus sign +
U+3002 ideographic full stop .
U+FE52 small full stop .
U+FF0E fullwidth full stop .
U+FF61 halfwidth ideographic full stop .
U+FF10 fullwidth digit zero 0
U+FF11 fullwidth digit one 1
U+FF12 fullwidth digit two 2
U+FF13 fullwidth digit three 3
U+FF14 fullwidth digit four 4
U+FF15 fullwidth digit five 5
U+FF16 fullwidth digit six 6
U+FF17 fullwidth digit seven 7
U+FF18 fullwidth digit eight 8
U+FF19 fullwidth digit nine 9
U+02D0 ː modifier letter triangular colon :
U+02F8 ˸ modifier letter raised colon :
U+2982  ⦂ z notation type colon :
U+A789 modifier letter colon :
U+FE13  ︓ presentation form for vertical colon :
U+FF1A fullwidth colon :
U+204F reversed semicolon ;
U+FE14 presentation form for vertical semicolon ;
U+FE54  ﹔ small semicolon ;
U+FF1B fullwidth semicolon ;
U+FE64  ﹤ small less-than sign <
U+FF1C  < fullwidth less-than sign <
U+0347  ͇ combining equals sign below =
U+A78A  ꞊ modifier letter short equals sign =
U+FE66 small equals sign =
U+FF1D  = fullwidth equals sign =
U+FE65 small greater-than sign >
U+FF1E  > fullwidth greater-than sign >
U+FE16 presentation form for vertical question mark ?
U+FE56 small question mark ?
U+FF1F fullwidth question mark ?
U+FF21  A fullwidth latin capital letter a A
U+1D00 latin letter small capital a A
U+FF22  B fullwidth latin capital letter b B
U+0299  ʙ latin letter small capital b B
U+FF23  C fullwidth latin capital letter c C
U+1D04  ᴄ latin letter small capital c C
U+FF24  D fullwidth latin capital letter d D
U+1D05 latin letter small capital d D
U+FF25 fullwidth latin capital letter e E
U+1D07  ᴇ latin letter small capital e E
U+FF26  F fullwidth latin capital letter f F
U+A730 latin letter small capital f F
U+FF27  G fullwidth latin capital letter g G
U+0262 ɢ latin letter small capital g G
U+FF28  H fullwidth latin capital letter h H
U+029C ʜ latin letter small capital h H
U+FF29 fullwidth latin capital letter i I
U+026A  ɪ latin letter small capital i I
U+FF2A  J fullwidth latin capital letter j J
U+1D0A  ᴊ latin letter small capital j J
U+FF2B fullwidth latin capital letter k K
U+1D0B latin letter small capital k K
U+FF2C fullwidth latin capital letter l L
U+029F  ʟ latin letter small capital l L
U+FF2D  M fullwidth latin capital letter m M
U+1D0D  ᴍ latin letter small capital m M
U+FF2E fullwidth latin capital letter n N
U+0274  ɴ latin letter small capital n N
U+FF2F  O fullwidth latin capital letter o O
U+1D0F latin letter small capital o O
U+FF30 fullwidth latin capital letter p P
U+1D18 latin letter small capital p P
U+FF31 fullwidth latin capital letter q Q
U+FF32 fullwidth latin capital letter r R
U+0280  ʀ latin letter small capital r R
U+FF33  S fullwidth latin capital letter s S
U+A731 latin letter small capital s S
U+FF34 fullwidth latin capital letter t T
U+1D1B latin letter small capital t T
U+FF35 fullwidth latin capital letter u U
U+1D1C latin letter small capital u U
U+FF36 fullwidth latin capital letter v V
U+1D20 latin letter small capital v V
U+FF37 fullwidth latin capital letter w W
U+1D21 latin letter small capital w W
U+FF38  X fullwidth latin capital letter x X
U+FF39 fullwidth latin capital letter y Y
U+028F ʏ latin letter small capital y Y
U+FF3A fullwidth latin capital letter z Z
U+1D22 latin letter small capital z Z
U+02C6 ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent ^
U+0302 ̂ combining circumflex accent ^
U+FF3E fullwidth circumflex accent ^
U+1DCD combining double circumflex above ^
U+2774 medium left curly bracket ornament {
U+FE5B small left curly bracket {
U+FF5B fullwidth left curly bracket {
U+2775 medium right curly bracket ornament }
U+FE5C small right curly bracket }
U+FF5D fullwidth right curly bracket }
U+FF3B fullwidth left square bracket [
U+FF3D  ] fullwidth right square bracket ]
U+02DC ˜ small tilde ~
U+02F7 ˷ modifier letter low tilde ~
U+0303  ̃ combining tilde ~
U+0330  ̰ combining tilde below ~
U+0334 ̴ combining tilde overlay ~
U+223C  ∼ tilde operator ~
U+FF5E fullwidth tilde ~
U+00A0 no-break space '
U+2000 whitespace: en quad '
U+2001 whitespace: medium mathematical space
U+2002 whitespace: en space
U+2003 whitespace: em space
U+2004 whitespace: three-per-em space
U+2005 whitespace: four-per-em space
U+2006 whitespace: six-per-em space
U+2007 whitespace: figure space
U+2008 whitespace: punctuation space
U+2009 whitespace: thin space
U+200A whitespace: hair space
U+202F narrow no-break space
U+205F medium mathematical space
U+3000 ideograhpic space
U+008D reverse line feed
U+009F <control>
U+0080 c1 control codes
U+0090 device control string
U+009B control sequence introducer
U+0010 escape
U+0009 tab (7 spaces based on print statement in python interpreter)
U+0000 null
U+0003 end of text
U+0004 end of transmission
U+0017 end of transmission block
U+0019 end of medium
U+0011 device control one
U+0012 device control two
U+0013 device control three
U+0014 device control four
U+2017 double low line _
U+2014 em dash -
U+2013 en dash -
U+201A single low quotation mark '
U+202F narrow break space
U+2039 single left-pointing angle quotation mark >
U+203A single right-pointing angle quotation mark <
U+203C ‼ double exclamation mark !!
U+201E double low quotation mark "
U+201D right double quotation mark "
U+201C left double quotation mark "
U+201B single high reversed quotation mark  '
U+2026  horizontal ellipsis ...
U+2028 whitespace: line separator
U+2029 whitespace: paragraph separator
U+205F whitespace: em quad
U+2060 word joiner


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