Templates Templates are reusable messages for communication. You create a template using the merge fields available (name, email, phone and/or birthday). Then, reuse as needed to scale personalized automation: one-time messages, specific campaigns, evergreen automated message sequences, etc. Free 30-day trial Our Templates feature lets you Prepare message and campaign ‘recipes’ which keep the identity...
KeywordsCommunicate faster Keywords allow your audience to quickly communicate their interests to you. Just have people text to your unique number, e.g. (987)-654-3210, with a keyword that you designate. Use different keywords to identify people responding to different campaigns and offers. No need to get creative as you can create unlimited keywords. Free 30-day Trial…
PastorsLine Data Capture Digital Connect Texts
Data Capture aka Digital Connect Texts Your weekend services are too important to let any new guests fall through the cracks. Let us help you reach more guests by adding our Digital Connect Texts to your service this weekend. WHY? Free 30-day trial We will help you reachpeople! New guests and visitors walk through your…


First Baptist Orlando's One text,

Guest Follow-up Strategy

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