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Fixes, Fictures, Forecast PastorsLine

April 2019 Features, Fixes and Forecast

Time once again to give you an update about what the PastorsLine team has been doing and a peek into what’s upcoming.

First and foremost—we thank our client partners for their patience and their excellent feedback. Many of the things on our ‘To Do’ list were inspired by your requests. We’re totally pleased because our goal is to shape PastorsLine to reflect what YOU need, not what we think you need.

Here’s an overview of the highlights since last time…

Current App (V1) Updates

While we revamp our app, we know it's important to solve any issues or complete any critical feature requests we promised in our current app version.

Groups: Easier setup

The Situation: You have an integration with PastorsLine. You create a new list or a few new…

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Duplicate numbers: Edit, delete, block, unsubscribe

Edit and delete: PastorsLine has made things simpler. Now, we will show you all the contacts which…

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PCO: Adjusted overnight syncing time

The PastorsLine-PCO overnight re-sync has a different run time from other integrations: 3am PST. This accommodates the…

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Removal of legacy ‘send immediately’ option

The PastorsLine ‘smart syncing’ feature for integrations makes ‘send immediately’ obsolete. Previously: As soon as new contacts…

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Detection of Answering Machines/Voicemail

When sending a voice message, sometimes a human answers and sometimes a machine. Our process for differentiating…

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Elvanto: Groups vs. People Categories

In PastorsLine, you can collect people into groups and give those groups names. So does Elvanto. Elvanto…

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Elvanto: Archived/inactive or deleted contacts

You have marked some Elvanto contacts as archived/inactive or deleted. PastorsLine does not import these contacts.

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Keywords: Release and reuse

There are some keywords which are ‘just right’. You want to use them each time you run…

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Admin plus

PastorsLine recognizes that there is often mobility in church staffs. People come and go. This can mean…

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Filters: Contacts without a mobile number

PastorsLine (PL) is basically a texting app. Thus, a contact’s mobile phone number is a critical piece…

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CCB selective resyncing

It happens on occasion that some groups do not sync successfully. PastorsLine used to notify you of…

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Redirect when logged out

You are logged out. You type in an address (URL) of a PastorsLine page you wish to…

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Disabled integration: preserve history

As you realize, when you disable an integration, PastorsLine removes the associated groups and contacts. This made…

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Group sent statistics

After you send a group message, PastorsLine sends you an email message with the statistics of that…

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Unsubscribe contacts with multiple failed messages

Next to the Undelivered Message icon (red triangle with an exclamation point inside) is an ‘X‘. This…

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Option: Not to be Charged for Incoming Messages

Now, you have the option to switch how PastorsLine charges you for incoming messages. Default option: Pay…

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Polls: New view which doesn’t use Groups

Before: PastorsLine stored the data from each poll under its own tag. There was one tag for…

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Tighter User-URL Authentication

PastorsLine wants to keep your account(s) and data as safe as possible. It is important to make…

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Easily Identify New Imports to a Group

Sometimes, it is useful to know which people you have just imported. So, when you import members…

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Groups: Delete with or without Contacts

Deleting a group has two parts. One part is the group itself. The other part is the…

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Contests: Separate view for each contest

Before As the above image shows, on the Groups and Keywords page, there was one running list…

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PCO: Setting primary number

Since PastorsLine is primarily a texting app, the contact’s primary number should be a mobile number. When…

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Project Revamp: Web App (V2) Updates

While we revamp our app, we know it's important to solve any issues or complete any critical feature requests we promised in our current app version. Here are some updates.

PastorsLine: New skin

New look We recently re-skinned our legacy PastorsLine app by applying basic UI and UX fixes. This…

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It’s here!

Thanks for checking out our new hub. It’s in early beta testing. We are still working on…

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7 More Days…

We require another week to completed all the modules before we can release it to you.

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Duplicate Handler

Option to handle your duplicate data within PastorsLine 2.0

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Milestone 9 of 14 done. Milestone 10 is in progress.

Milestone 9 of 14 done. Milestone 10 is in progress. ETA May 20th for beta testing. Maybe…

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Phase 1 Update: Milestone 9 of 15

We are on milestone 9. New ETA for beta testing is May 15th. Here’s a video update.

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Phase 1 Delayed

We apologize for the delay. As of April 15th, 2019, we are on milestone 8 of 14…

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Phase 1 Launch Planned (April 15th, 2019)

Our aim is to complete our new, redesigned, communication hub inbox named The Hub. More specifically… *…

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