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What our Church partners are saying

All The positive comments from other CCB users were the main reason we decided to give PastorsLine a try. We joined because my pastor was looking for an easy, texting tool to use to communicate with our people now that we can’t meet together any longer due to COVID. Found via CCB. Chosen by demo via webinar; CCB integration; ‘sign now’ bonus credits. Wave Church In Virginia referred. Signed up – pricing options and features provided We really like using our landline as our primary text reply number. Makes it so much easier for our people to remember and use. The pricing options were perfect. You’re church-based and, unlimited keywords/groups along with drip/automation We chose PastorsLine after watching the automated text response webinar. We preferred that concept over connect cards. In comparison to competitors, PastorsLine has: user-friendly interface, free trial no cc required, group msg keyword selection unlimited. The automation and power of campaigns is what sold me. That stuff is incredible. I’ve been doing all of our follow up through CCB in the past and your service is next level. Using the landline number has been fantastic… Moving over texting on this line had been very helpful because now people no longer need to have a new number. We signed up because it looked like what we needed now to make mass phone calls plus it had texting capabilities in case we wanted to add that in the future, Ultimately, I signed up because I think your services are exactly what we need as a church. I like the myriad of options available. It sure made it easier that I could drop out at any time. PastorsLine was the most simple I’ve found that had a great price point. We plan to be moving to the paid version soon. Texting seems to be way easier than Clearstream, which we used before. We heard about PastorsLine on a list serv we’re part of for CCB users. We were looking for a way to integrate texting into our assimilation (new guest follow-up) process, and we valued that PL was one of the only ones we could find that had a sync with our existing database. I googled looking for a mass texting service that could also send voice massages, and the pricing was perfect for our size. I also liked how easy it was to upload our data from a spreadsheet. Googled planning center and texting, as we wanted something that integrated with Planning Center, and would give us a text option for when our church was closed It integrated with planning center and price was low. The multiple numbers option did catch our interest. Youth Pastor… said that it was the best thing he’s spent budget funds on … He loves it! I chose to go with Pastors Line because of the call forwarding with masking feature. (This is big for us being a church plant without a building and designated church phone line.) PastorsLine vs. Clearstream PCO text I saw your dedication to improving the product and excellent attention to detail in how churches would use the software. We really appreciate the integration with Planning Center. This made forming our text groups very easy! I signed up because the pricing was so much better than what we had been using The integration with Breeze CHMS convinced us to give it a try. I was looking for a bulk text solution that integrated with CCB. We can opt out any time and the pricing options were perfect. I ultimately chose PL because of the direct integration with PCO and the ability to do voice messages in addition to texts. I felt your service were a great fir for our church. It was also a huge benefit to us that Pastorsline could be synced with Planning Center. We sign up with PastorsLine because they had the best prices and the staff was very helpful at explaining features. I signed up because the pricing seemed good. I found your company by searching on Google “Planning Center Texting”. It was important for our church to have an easy synced data from planning center to the texting application. I heard about you through a Facebook group… You were mentioned in the comments and I checked you out from there. It was a bonus that you integrated with PCO. Due to COVID-19, we needed to act fast and get a mass-text function to communicate with one of our client church’s people. You guys were the easy choice! I google text messaging that works with Elvanto. It was easy to use. Found via CCB webinar. Game changer: importing numbers from CCB. Recommended by friends. Signed up because: more comprehensive, right price, smarter system. PastorsLine alternative to Text in Church We pay for two different services and ultimately will be signing up because it combines two platforms into one and also we could do a free trial. we ultimately decided on PL due to the existing connection (API) for CCB and the simplicity is getting this solution going. Pastor’s Line has the most powerful feature set at the most affordable price I have found. Simple. Powerful. Affordable. I love the price but was more impressed by how user-friendly the program is and I highly recommend it to anyone that not so tech-savvy as I am. PastorsLine highly recommended on Facebook by reachers for texting Guests Saw on Facebook. PastorsLine looked like just what they needed. I heard about Pastorsline from a friend who is using text in Church but is considering switching. After reseraching both services, I chose Pastorsline because of the price poin and features offered. Recommended by CCB. Game changer: CCB integration means they can use groups they already have. Not only does pastorsline allow me to use shortcode texting which was a make or break for us, but it also has 2-way integration with breeze and mailchimp which are what we use for email communication and church check in This is really helping people feel like we are still together even though we can see each other in person right now. They are incredibly friendly and responsive when you have questions. the tiered pricing and flexibility to add credits and change levels. Wanted bulk text solution with CCB integration. Liked free trial and user-friendly. PastorsLine credits roll over vs. TiC I settled with choosing Pastor’s Line after making an extensive comparison chart. All your combined features came out the best. Lots of help available. I especially like the video tutorials. The price point for me was just right. Also the chat and phone help is awesome. We were looking for an alternative to SimpleText that was better priced and had “Robo” calling features. I found you all on google. saw that you integrated with Church Community Builder, so when our need for a text system came up I looked into what you offer. I wanted to do a little more research and googled text in church, text in church reviews, and comparisons. This led me to finding you guys and I liked what you had better. I signed up because I knew I could use our church’s phone number and integrate with CCB. I liked the pricing and was able to easily understand through instruction videos and chat help. So far it has been very helpful We decided to sign up because of the free trial, and also because the plans were a lot more reasonable for a church of our size with the messaging response we were expecting There was a free trial. I then saw that you had direct integration with with community church builder and the platform was simple and easy to use which made the decision easy to sign up. It was easy to sign up and the least expensive of group text messaging service is that integrated with planning center online. Found PastorsLine on Facebook. Wanted a cloud-based messaging system. I signed up because there was a free trial, The pricing was in line with what we had paid with our previous texting provider and you are church based. I looked at several “text to landline” options, and chose Pastors Line because it integrated with Planning Center, the pricing looked good, and there was a free trial. Guest Services and Weekend Group. Great support and pricing for Text I decided to sign up for the free trial from Pastorsline and another service too. Pastorsline offered support from the get go. I still have yet to hear from the other service-I don’t plan on using it. You are church focused and have a developed strategies to help churches maximize the potential of texting. We ultimately signed up because of how easily it works with PCO. loved the service because it syncs up with our database, Planning Center Online, making it’s usability VERY efficient liked the fact it connected to Breeze; I appreciated the chance at a free trial with no credit card; it met a need we had for dealing with connecting people from online services We heard of you through CCB’s partners website. We are looking for ways to engage our people through text messaging. The reviews were good and Pastors Line appears to be the only voice messaging integration available for Planning Center at the moment. i signed up because our small church is going through a prayer campaign where i wanted to text everyone everyday for a while. This made things a lot easier to do , and the price was affordable. Googled alternatives to Text in Church. Found PastorsLine I was recommended by Breezechms. I was looking for a mass phone call option that they don’t have. Plain and simple “Breeze” They sent out a message about how they were beta testing a link with Pastorline… his has made life super easy for us and we look forward to working with you for many years to come. I reviewed all the ones available and decided that PastorsLine was the most versatile and cost effective. Your service is helping people to sign up for baptism, get connected to the group life and studednt ministry, engage and get questions about navigating our Church and Christ and so much more! I researched a few options and found your prices to be lower than most and the free trial clinched it for me. Likes: good response to texted survey link; high turnout to worship following texted reminders. …chose PastorsLine because it seemed easy to work with, unused credits rolled over into subsequent months, it seemed to be the best price for the best deal I’ve gotten positive response from my contacts abut the messages they have received. Your price point is much better than your competition. needed a lower barrier to entry for people to fill out guest info while we aren’t using paper connect cards. I’d never heard about you, but when I saw the PCO integrations, I thought yeah – I need to check them out! It makes communicating with everyone so easy and I love that fact that members are receiving personalized texts. eep Up the Great Work you are doing in helping churches further the Kingdom of God through the Excellence of PastorsLine’s support and programming. we were looking for something that would replace an antiquated “PhoneTree” system and something that would integrate with Planning Center. I made an inquiry to Breeze about their plans to add that service, they recommended you guys. What helped us ultimately go for the full paid version was the ease of use, the integration with PCO and the awesome support provided to all of my questions. I liked the variety of options you offer, the price seemed reasonable and ultimately the free trial allows me to test it with a few key decision makers in the church, so I signed up to give it a try. …excited for the simplicity of having one number that serves as two ways to reach out to us… calling and texting. Liked the service because of the generous free trial, better interface than current service, integration with MailChimp, I searched for “text in church vs” and I saw “pastors line” pop up on autofill. I did my research, did some free trials, and ended up going with you guys. I was looking for a system that could easily integrate with CCB. A friend told me about another program they use called “Text in Church” when I started researching it I came across Pastors Line and I liked the pricing and set-up better. I was looking for a bulk text solution that integrated with [apps we already use]. … we signed up because after beginning a trial period and our connection with Breeze, we were pleased with the system and the service we received. I didn’t need to give credit card info to sign up. I did the option to have greater access, but I was motivated by your “hospitality.” I ultimately signed up because I compared it to the other services available and I felt like it stood above them for multiple reasons… customer service, price, and features. I wanted to let you know that the more I drive to PL the more I love it! Googled ‘simultaneous texting’. Liked the platform, usability, and free trial. Stayed due to excellent tech and customer support. I finally signed up because the price is right, the interface is easy to use, and we wanted something with a decent trial to make sure not only did we enjoy the service, but that it was beneficial to our church as a whole. PastorsLine fit well with our needs for two-way integration with Planning Center, ease of use and many other great features Tried out 4 and like you’re the best. Immediately went to paid because it offered the services we wanted. The primary thing I like is the easy user interface. We were looking for something that would help us with hospitality, and was not astronomical on the cost front and this looked like a good combination for the two We ultimately chose your product because in interfaces with planning center, we are church based and we can opt out any time. The main reason I ended up signing up with PastorsLine was the reasonable pricing that fit my youth budget! I signed up for the free trial because I liked that it uses our church landline number. We signed up because there was a free trial, flexibility, cost, church based, and PastorsLine integrates with CCB. I ultimately chose Pastors Line because it was easy to use our landline’s number and the CCB integrations was easy. I was looking for a bulk text solution that integrated with CCB – you are listed as one of their preferred partners on their site. We signed up because it’s low cost, and looks like we can easily use the features you have. I looked up Textinchurch on Google and discovered PastorsLine. I l… landed on PastorsLine due to the keyword options and the text number we got to choose. PastorsLine support – 15-minute calls and help We signed up for the trial because PL integrates with our Breeze system. So the fact that our members can save the number that will text them as the church in their phone we now have a lot less opt out requests. And it simplifies our contact information on posters and cards I wanted something that would talk easily with our database, CCB. I signed up because it seemed easy to use, and we were looking for a platform that we could reach out to people with. Thank you for doing this amazing platform!!! I heard from Pastors Line from a friend of mine that use it for her church. She gave me the best review and even showed me how to work when I got our church account set up. We heard about PastorsLine through a Slack channel I’m a part of for Planning Center Online users. Chose due to no-risk, free trial. Like the CCB integration. We were looking at two responsive text systems, PastorsLine & Text In Church. The reason we chose to sign-up at PastorsLine first was that you did not have to commit to a contract and it was a month by month basis. The price was a lot better for Pastors Line and the free credits that were available also encouraged me to sign up. Text reports and analytics with PastorsLine Text In Church vs. PastorsLine for Planning Center I ultimately tried your service out because of the trail and integration with planning center. Almost everyone 🙂 has a cell phone so we are hoping that more members are reached and they like this way of notification. The reason I signed up was I didn’t need to provide credit card information and was able to gain free credits to use. Recommended by Pastor. Seems easy to use. people walk in with a big smile on their face and tell us they got our birthday message and how much it means to them that we made an effort. It’s obvious this is helping us connect with people on a more personal level. Scheduling Texts with PastorsLine We heard about Pastor’s Line through Planning Center and decided to try it because of the integration aspect and the price point. Your customer support/sign-up support was quite helpful, persistent and persuasive. I googled “text messaging for churches” and started looking through all the options. PastersLine seemed to fit our need and our Pastor also wanted the voice communication via landline. Your overall understanding of what churches needed is why I decided on you. Found out via integration with Planning Center Online. Chosen for free trial and quick, easy, sign-up process. Game changer: user friendliness of system. We tried it and will buy it because it was free and had the most features we wanted. Really good customer service since trying it. Has really helped our ministry. We signed up because the pricing was reasonable and it also connects with our ccb program. I heard about PastorsLine at the beginning of the pandemic when the committee for Faith formation in our diocese… You’re in the list of mass texting servers they suggested. The reason I chose your service, rather then or Elvanto’s new 2 way messaging, is that your people found me an Alaskan phone number via NumberBarn. We heard about PastorsLine by referring preferred partners on Church Community Builder’s website. Sign up was easy and we are appreciative of the 30-day trial. I signed up ultimately due to the integration with Planning Center. I was trying TextInChurch and this (PastorsLine) seemed better suited for us. The price was perfect for us and gave us the flexibility that our church needed. I signed up for trials as I felt it’s a good opportunity to try the service without spending money yet until am satisfied with the service. I loved that you’re church-based and understand what churches need or want through your services. The sign up process was easy, and we could opt out at any time without losing money by trying out your services. Alternative to Twexting. Love the free trial. CCB Texting / SMS Then when I looked into your service, the price, the amount of credits and the fact that you were created for churches I had to try it. friend who saw it on Facebook… plan to sign my church up. It’s pretty easy to use. I read about your service on a FB group and I was looking for something to integrate with PCO. We signed up with you over others because we are a multi-generational church and you have an ability to reach people on landlines. I ultimately signed up because it was easy to use, great opportunity during the trial run that worked for us, the price was great, and it met our needs. We were looking for a digital text response process for first time guest. It has been a great feature to be able to use the landline hosting feature for our account. It allows us to promote one phone number for our church people. We love how it integrates with Planning Center – which we already were using. We are considering paying for subscription for the guest follow up features and the various text features. Easy onboarding process. Church Text I compared about five different solutions. I went with you for ease of price, and that it was tailored to pastors. signed up for a trial because it was easy, did not cost anything and I could explore it. Getting ready to sign up for the year. So greatful for this tool in our ministry! great pricing for our small replant church and the option to change plans if/when we need to. I chose pastorsline because of planning center intergration and the poll ability Searched ‘texting tools’ in the Facebook group. Liked lower cost and CCB integration. We were looking for a bulk text solution and one of staff members found this one and it integrated with PCO! the main reason we signed up was there was a free trial, and it was easy to do so. Pastorsline was recommended on the CCB user group as being the best integration with CCB. I have looked at TextInChurch, Community Church Builder, etc. All of them were too expensive for my budget. We saw you on the integrations page for planning center It seemed like it was what our church was looking for in a cloud-based messaging program (that was also user friendly) for everyone to keep in touch so I went ahead and made the purchase! We are loving it so far! Your integration with Planning Center was something I was looking for… Your free trial is allowing me to evaluate your text platform in light of our requirements. Heard via CCB. Liked the free trial and integration with CCB. We ultimately signed up because Pastors Line had the best features. We liked the integrations with CCB and the short code/land line options. I signed up because you did not require a credit card or any commitment. Of the four options available to us from planning center people integration, I chose pastorsline because it also came with the “robo-call” feature. At the time preferred model of data capture is they way you guys do it.. although in the future we may want to have a Digital connect card function I have loved having one number for our church to call or text. On the larger scale, due to carrier blocking, quite a few texts have been rerouted through your short code, but it has had the same effect. I heard Pastorsline from a CCB (Community Church Builder) representative. …we know we will be moving forward with plan that works for us. I heard about Pastorsline through Breeze representative. I signed up with Pastorsline to compare with our current two-way texting Text In Church, and PAstorsline integrates with Breeze, which we had singed up with. I needed a way to organize future connections so I searched my email and found the website. (I keep everything). The signup process was amazingly easy. We signed up because it was easy, free trial, pricing, church related, and was exactly what we were looking for with bulk texting and calling integration. You were church based and the text and voice broadcast option was something that we desired and PastorLine offered both. The pastor who recommended it said that the pricing was great, it was simple to use, and it would allow us to reach and interact with our remote viewers during the pandemic. When somebody calls this #, it just takes them to our office phone where a front desk agent can answer. This is perfect! Far better than our individual cell phones ringing when somebody calls our PastorsLine number. needed a versatile texting solution with an easy to remember phone number that wasn’t pre-assigned and unchangeable by my ChMS We ultimately ended up choosing you based on your integration with Planning Center as we weren’t looking to create multiple databases. There are numerous reasons we decided to go with PastorsLine over other services, the two biggest being the credit based system… it meant we could have a trial run with them. I also appreciated the integration with Planning Center. So I ultimately signed up with Pastor’sline because of the price and the functionality seemed to be the best back for my buck. We signed up after (actually before the trial period) was over because it seems to be a good fit for our needs. Text integration for Planning center. Emergencies I considered you and textinchurch but liked your features and price better. We found PastorsLine through Planning Center integrations and also google search. The option of having the smaller package sold us on the deal so we signed up. So far we like it. I signed up because of the breeze integration. hopefully, two-way breeze integration will be active soon. I heard about PastorsLine by searching up ten-digit number text options after our shortcode was running out. Found via Facebook group. Liked free trial; bulk texting integration with CCB; pricing; analytics and campaigns. I ultimately signed up because this was church based solution and there was no contract obligation. Pastors Line has it all. Thank you for creating this for all to use! We ultimate decided to use it because of the free trial, plus it’s a better price with better flexibility than other options I researched. Found via online research for group texting options. Likes: affordability, rapid tech support. I was intrigued and signed up because of the lower cost than your competitors, and because of the offers in the webinar. Ultimately, I signed up because I was looking for a bulk text solution that integrated with Planning Center, We were looking for the best solution for us and because we use Planning Center, something that was an integration of it was just what we needed. Loves PastorsLine unlimited keywords, rollover credits, multiple numbers Ultimately it was because of your integration with Breeze that made us choose you. There was a free trial and I wanted a way to text without prior permissions and that would not use my personal number and also be linked somehow to our church. It integrated with Planning Center Online (to manage groups from one place). The pricing seems reasonable. signed up with Pastor’s Line because I had used it before and found it to be a great and easy tool to send out mass text messages. I think it has been working fine. So much less work for me, so I have time to do other things with PL. Another church uses pastorsline so we checked it out. It looked easy and didn’t require a long-term commitment so we decided to try it out! Ultimately decided to give you guys a try because We need another weapon in our arsenal to gain guest contact info and to help people connect I signed up because there was a free trial, but also because of the information on the comparison. The I ultimately signed up because I felt the price was very reasonable, and the support was there. I really felt you were trying to help and not be too pushy. I used and had success with by sending a bulk text message to a majority of the names that have visited our ministry over the past several months. Issues with CCB’s twext (not being received; requirement to have a carrier) <== this is the main reason we were unhappy with our current solution and what prompted us to look at other options. Pastorline was the best fit for us for its platform and integration with Planning Center. We learned about PastorsLine through Planning Center Online looking for something that would integrate with it. We are a small church but you have a plan that fits our needs and budget. We were using PastorsLine for getting notes out to our “dream team” and an occasional text to receive this link during services. I needed a solution of a way where I can have people’s names in a data system and also where I can send out a mass text to the whole group. This had everything I needed. It has been a great tool for volunteer recruitment and for connecting people to small groups and small group events. I did not need to submit a credit card to get the trial. We signed up because the automations were really nice. I was googling text services for Churches to make sure we are prepared for the next hurricane season and Pastor’s Line was the best one I found that fit our needs. Suggested by staff member. Game changer: CCB integration for Mailhimp. We also liked the functionality and flexibility of what you offered. It was a huge selling point that PL integrates with CCB, as that would have been a big headache to rebuild and maintain a second whole database. I ultimately signed up because I was able to learn how to use it in a weekend, I tested it and it was able to do everything that I wanted it to do just in time for Easter. We were looking into text-in-church and came back to compare to Pastor’s Line and really liked some of your unique features like the texting data capture. Likes: high response rate; easy to send msgs; CCB integration; helpful customer support. Looking for to trial asolution that would enable us to getbin contact with our members during emergencies and this met the most of our needs ultimately picked you to do a trial because we wanted something simple and affordable Recommended by a staff member. Liked bulk text solution which integrates with CCB; free trial; user-friendly; great customer support. I heard good comments about the customer service because it’s a smaller company, and the pricing options were great especially since initially we’re only planning to use it as a send in your prayer request number. I signed up without testing really works great for myself and my congregation It was recommended by a colleague I trust (David Norse Thomas) and when he suggested it I decided to trust his recommendation rather than comparison shopping… I also like that it has an easy “opt out” option. I think text enabling the church’s landline was fantastic… It provides a framework for team communication to visitors and members from the number that they can find on Google or our website. I love this feature. I was looking for a bulk text solution that integrated with mailchimp and planning center and the pricing options were perfect! I heard about Pastor’s Line through Planning Center. Favorite thing that closed the deal for us was the texting data capture/connection card Liked the simple guest connection card so names and contact info don’t fall through the cracks. Barbara likes PastorsLine multinumbers options to end inbox madness We have found that it’s even better than expected! The features, ease of use, & the price, is definitely what we are looking for! Googled ‘simpletexting’. Liked easy sign up, local area code, and real-time free trial. signed up because it looks user friendly and had all the functions we needed. Uses PastorsLine for Guest Follow-up I signed up because of the ability to integrate with Breeze – and because you allowed us to use our landline #. I ended up signing up for a trial because I liked the capabilities yours offered most, particularly the polling feature and central hub. Googled ‘group, text messaging service’. Liked free trial; integration with Fellowship One & Planning Center. I was searching for a simple, affordable way to implement Shortcode SMS for our church communication. I found PastorsLine. And, the fact that it integrates beautifully with Breeze chms is priceless Googled it. Chosen for integrations with Fellowship One, Planning Center, and Mailchimp. signed up because of the pre-trial and appreciated the support …signed up cause our youth group was in real need of a good way to communicate to the youth PastorsLine was recommended a pastor friend – the Evangelical Covenant Church The trial was GREAT and so are the pricing options. Another aspect is allowing multiple keywords! Lastly, your online chat feature for questions/support was great. Customer service was A+! I found you guys because I had heard about a pastor using “One Call.” Your service came up when I was searching for that company. I ultimately signed up for your service, because it fit our needs better. We also love utilizing the short code specifically for our guests. The quicker you can send a text the more likely guests will actually utilize the digital connect card. Liked that the competitive price included a CCB integration. Multiusers and excited by effectiveness of PastorsLine We signed up because the process was easy and your service was the only one fully integrated with CCB. I signed up because I’m trying to connect to our first-time guests in a culturally relevant way. I signed up because PastorsLine had incredible features, and had price points perfect for a church our size. I’ve been very impressed so far I heard about PastorsLine through watching a YouTube video on digital evangelism. The person mentioned pastorsline. We ultimately signed up because you were a service that connected with our Planning Center database AND you made phone calls to land lines . I ultimately signed up and paid to be a part of the program because it allowed us to do voice and text communication all in one place. We ultimately committed because of the ease of use, the cost-effectiveness, and the fantastic support team you have. Ultimately it was the length of the free trial that convinced our leadership to try the service. We wanted something that would work well with both iPhones and Androids. I gave it a spin with their easy to initiate “free trial” and quickly found PastorsLine to be both an easy-to-use and extremely powerful tool. Liked Rext in Church UI but prefferd Pastorsline for the ability to turn off stop message and direct data capture. Pastorsline was also suggested in a FB group… You seemed more geared toward churches, and you weren’t pushing the pay by text option Read some good reviews within a CCB administrator chat group and the price was very reasonable. In my search I found a website (unfortunately I cannot remember which one that was) that mentioned that PastorsLine would integrate with PCO, so I checked it out. I googled for a text messaging service for churches and I signed up because it seemed like your rates are reasonable and I did not need to provide payment information. I was looking at solutions that integrated with Planning Center, and you were one of two with an integration there. The free and easy trial certainly was a big push to get us to sign up. The services y’all offered made the most sense. Automation with Planning Center, Text in options for on screen, and direct interaction with members We wanted a cloud-based messaging solution. We googled it I believe. PCO Integration was really important to us, and you guys are the only ones who truly do the two way synching. was convinced after using the software it would be a great tool to add to our church communication system. I heard from a fellow minister about your service. He let me know you had a free trial, so I went ahead and signed up
Dozens of churches are already using
PastorsLine and seeing success.

The PastorsLine platform is a church-driven, bulk texting platform developed and managed by church ‘insiders’. We know churches intimately. We’ve attended them, been part of their management teams and worked with them for many years. Our goal is to serve you by helping you spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We’ve positioned ourselves to be your in-house, IT team for solutions to your communication issues. In addition to everything our platform can do, our partners love our responsiveness to their needs and fast tech support.

We hired [PastorsLine] to assist us in a new “Small Group” initiative we were launching at our church. The tools they provided us with helped us monitor and take action on hundreds of responses. Our workflow was cut in half and our ability to track, monitor and follow through with the data gathered more than doubled.

Chris Elliott

Associate Pastor, New Believers

For us [a PastorsLine text-enabled church landline] has been huge for people to be able to text the number they already knew for our church. It means they don’t have to remember two different numbers when they are looking to try and get in touch with us. Most people don’t even realize its mostly an automated process.

Tyler Boles

Connections Pastor, The Exchange

[PastorsLine is] a huge answer to something we’ve been looking for. I was able to send a template with a field merge by scheduling it… 

Dr. Matthew Robinson


The personal and almost immediate assistance at [PastorsLine] is so great! We feel valued and important! We love that it is church-based!!! … Jason and the team at [PastorsLine] are always ready to help, make things better, and they also welcome feedback.

Richie Halversen

Pastor @ College Drive Church

By using the same phone number for texting and calling you get people to remember your phone number. When it comes the time that are ready to reach out to us they know the phone number.

Abraham Schwartz

I honestly never realized how many people must have been trying to text our landline all along! We never advertised our landline as a number you could text, but we have gotten multiple members of our congregation and even guests from some of our events to send us texts saying, ‘Thank you for this and that’, and it has been really great to see!

Heather Bredeman

Joy Christian, Center,
St. Cloud, MN

Baptism Worship Service Reminders – bulk texting-we were blown away by the number of people who showed up.

Cara Saliby

Director of Admin

The text message bible study invites are working great. We saw a huge increase from 5-6 to 10-12 and the numbers stayed consistent. 

Zeke Vas


When we finished our evangelistic event in Houston, 70% of those who were baptized, communicated with me through PastorsLine…it had a big influence.

Wyatt Allen

Evangelist, End Time Hope

At first, the landline feature seemed like it would overload the church secretary since everyone would have the church phone number saved in their phones. This has not happened! People are simply interacting with our events better than ever before! We love the landline feature.

Sterling Willborn

Associate Pastor, Journey Church

I belong to a Church Communications group on Facebook, and you were highly recommended. We signed up with you over others because we are a multi-generational church and you have an ability to reach people on landlines.

Daniel Chambers

Sending and receiving texts from our landline number is the #1 feature that ensures visitors and members can engage with us on the most relevant means of communication there is right now. Having one number to advertise, simplifies all graphics, ads, announcements, etc. for us, as well as for those we’re trying to reach. I use PastorsLine EVERY DAY. It’s changing the way we engage with our members – it’s both easier and more effective.

Tara Freeman

PastorsLine has been a fantastic tool which has enhanced communication with out church family. As with any tool, the secret is in learning how to use it effectively. I have been most excited when I see my church members telling their very own unchurched friends to text “PRAY” to our pastorsline number and have them join our prayer sessions.

Paolo Esposito

Pastors, RGF Church

“Our land line [SMS-enabled by PastorsLine] is more familiar to our congregation. When we texted from the other number, some would inquire about who was sending the text as the number was unfamiliar, and we did not use it frequently, so by the time we sent another text, some had forgotten the number.”

Myrna and Peter Rohdin

New Life Fellowship Church, Elmhurst, NY

It’s honestly the best feature that we have utilized. Being able to give one phone number for voice and text simplified our process.

J.W. Dunbar

Pastor Gateway Church, Ashland, KY

Thus far it’s worked perfectly!! When we wanna send out a text message we use the church office #.When somebody calls this #, it just takes them to our office phone where a front desk agent can answer. This is perfect! Far better than our individual cell phones ringing when somebody calls our PastorsLine number. It’s only been a week but it’s working great!

Josiah Elias

Young Adults Pastor, Faith Chapel

…the guest connection card…We had a great response — people whose names and contact info we might not have captured otherwise. Our autoresponder directs them to our Welcome Center…where we have a gift…with their name on it.

Kristen Waddle

Church Communications

PastorsLine has totally changed not only my workflow, but it’s taken our “personal” factor up 10x! Just with our welcome process, we have gone from a 40% READ rate to a 40% CONVERSATION rate. That’s just crazy!
So thanks 🙂

Tommy Carreras

Group Director

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