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We hope you’ve heard that we are working hard to finish up Version 3 of our PastorsLine app, so we can roll it out soon. 

One of the design improvements in PastorsLine Version 3 (PL V3) is more editing cohesion. In other words, less back and forth. To get there, we need to make some changes to the current version, so the changeover will work more smoothly. 


Since a keyword with an autoreply should actually be considered a campaign, your Campaigns Page now includes all your groups with keywords and autoreplies (see turquoise box and arrow in image below).

ScreenHunter 3033

These are not duplicates! Your keyword/autoreply campaigns have now been added to your Campaigns Page. Please do not delete your campaigns by mistake!


Eventually, when you are working in PL V3, you will edit all your campaigns from your Campaigns Page – not from the Groups Page. More cohesive, right?


You have two edit options. 

Option 1

Option 2

ScreenHunter 3034 ScreenHunter 3035
Edit from your Groups Page (as before). Clicking on Edit (pencil icon) will open the edit page Edit Group. Edit from your Campaigns Page (new). Clicking on Edit (pencil icon) will open the edit page Edit Autoreply.


Web App (V2), Campaigns, keyword, autoreply

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