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Jun 20, 2019

Adding toll-free numbers

One of the workarounds to the more aggressive mobile carrier spam filtering is adding a toll-free number.

Toll-free numbers are usually used when you need a vanity number, e.g. 1-800-flowers, and might be great for branding. The bigger value here is they offer the power and flexibility of dedicated short codes but at a fraction of the cost.

The cost of a toll-free number is equal to 250 messaging credits. This works out to be about $4-$6/ number depending on your plan. Compare this to a dedicated short code that costs $15k/year—and we’ve already discussed how shared short codes are not great, even if you are splitting the costs with hundreds of users.

One of our workarounds currently allows us to reprocess failed messages using a 1-way, toll-free number we auto-assign to your account for free. However, this new option goes beyond this.

A few churches had previous bought toll-free, 2-way, vanity numbers from an external vendor and ported them over to PastorsLine.

That’s still an option, but we have made adding a toll-free number easy for you to do.

You can now purchase a toll-free number via our system. Get started here.


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