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Dec 1, 2017

Conversation Box

This is the place where the relationships are built and nurtured.

One of your requests was an automatic scroll to the most recent msg—Done ✓ .

We’ve also added some useful information to the msg history. For example:

  • on a msg sent by a subscriber—which number they used and to which member of your team it was sent.
  • on a msg sent by your team—which of your team sent the msg (good when you have several team members using the same number), which number was used (good when you are using multiple numbers), and what this team member’s role is (check out the vid for an explanation of our star identifier system).



Admins can now filter conversations by telephone number. Only have time to view those msgs which are directly related to you? This is how to do it.

When sending a new msg, owners and admins can quickly change which telephone number they wish to use for the send. Sending a new msg from a different number than that used for the last sent msg? A pop-up box will point this out, so you can confirm that all is well.

Another tweak is the ability to use or create templates right from the Inbox so you don’t have to go somewhere else and then come back.

Watch the video for a reminder of more useful things you can do.

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