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Our HUB has been in beta for over 1 year! (How time flies!)

We are beginning to move everyone over to the HUB so we can:

  • gather more data;
  • reduce the need to support two systems ( which frees up resources to complete our revamp and add new features).

We highly recommend giving the new HUB a try. First of all, it is faster. And as we gather more data, it should eventually be more intuitive. We do understand though, that switching from a sense of normalcy (what you already know and are familiar with) to something new can be difficult.

Here’s how we are handling that:

You can try out the HUB. If you don’t like it, you can switch back to the older interface by default. Note, however, that we are phasing out active support of our older interface. This means that we will no longer be adding new features or fixing issues.

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