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Oct 1, 2018


More than multiple users with roles, multicampus gives you another organization level for your church. This option is for ministries such as: a pastor who has several different church plants; churches with a main church and several divisions or locations; churches who regularly partner with other churches; churches which are a group of churches under one umbrella; or any church that wants its divisions (let’s call them ‘campuses’) to be collective yet independent.

Each campus will have its own longcode (10-digit phone number), email and contacts. This means that billing is separate (more budgetary control); data is segmented (more precise analytics and reporting); the same keywords can be used over all campuses (for a more uniform, cohesive structure to your overall ministry ‘branding’); contact relationships are more personal (people will be funneled directly to the relevant campus-specific process queues); contact management will be more efficient (Inbox items are campus-specific means less sifting through irrelevant messages); and campus creativity/impact is enhanced (independence of thought and action means campuses can do the things which work best for their contact segments).

Multicampus means that each of your campuses has the freedom to do the same thing in different ways or even unique things which other campuses may not wish to do.

Web App (V1), Settings, Forecast

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