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Nov 30, 2018

Polls: New view which doesn’t use Groups

Before: PastorsLine stored the data from each poll under its own tag. There was one tag for each answer. So, three answers would generate three tags. On the Groups page, you would see a graph showing the data for each tag.

ScreenHunter_976 Mar. 22 12.34

Now: PastorsLine stores the data from each poll under the relevant Campaign. So, IN ADDITION to the tag view (above), there is a composite view of all the data from all the answers in your poll.
ScreenHunter_977 Mar. 22 12.36

How could you use this new view?

1. Filter by Entered – The ‘Entered’ filter shows you all people who have begun your poll but not chosen an answer yet. You then have the option to follow up if desired.

2. Filter by Answer – Let’s say you ran a poll about a Teens and Drugs series. Answer A was ‘Definitely interested’. Answer B was ‘Perhaps’. Answer C was ‘No, thanks’. Since you can filter this view by answer, you could filter by answers A and B, sending a text with more information to your potential attendees.

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