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May 31, 2020

Short/Long code: additional messages and warnings

Due to increased carrier filtering, bulk text messages sent via a long code (10 digit, local number) may be flagged as “spam”. Here’s our current recommendation: sending your bulk messages and blasts via our shared short code.

To find out more about this in general, check out this Help Desk article.

We wanted to make sure that you are aware of this situation BEFORE you send such messages.

So, we added a few messages/warnings.

  • Trying to send an autoreply with a link from your long code number in a data capture or simple autoreply? You will see this message in orange:


  • Trying to send a group message from the long code with a link? After hitting “send”, you will see this pop up warning to change to the short code:


  • Sending a message to a LARGE group? This message let’s you know we recommend using the short code:


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