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Apr 14, 2020

Short code: Current Situation

MAJOR updatethe mobile carriers have approved our short code: 77411.

We have tested and implemented it in our system.

Note: The use of the short code requires a signature. A signature lets recipients know who the message is from, provides a number to reply to, and allows them the chance to “opt out” of receiving future messages from you. This signature cannot be removed. The characters for this signature are included in the total character count for your message.

Here’s how you can use our short code:

  • Send bulk messages in both the legacy inbox and the new HUB—MMS or SMS.
  • Select a signature (required) when sending messages.
  • Reprocess failed messages to increase the deliverability.
  • Use the short code as the “from” number in Automated Message Campaigns

You can’t:

  • Use this with keywords (coming soon!).
  • Apply it to campaigns except for Automated Message Campaigns.
  • Use it outside of US marketing.

Why a short code?

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