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Oct 1, 2018

Big feature: Smart Syncing

We noticed the following challenges with our two-way integrations:

There was an issue with duplicates in the account(s) of your external application(s)—for now, your CCB and/or PCO account(s).
Most external apps required a minimum of first and last name + a phone number. To solve that, we created a dummy name consisting of first name “There” and last name “Friend”. While this worked for most of you, it was not ideal. Assuming that the person continued with the campaign/data capture, their information was updated—all good. If they did not, this contact remained as “There Friend”.

We developed smart syncing to minimize these two challenges as much as possible.

PastorsLine adds a flag (clock icon) to all groups which have external integrations. This flag comes with three new tabs: Matched (0), Pending/Duplicates (0), Resolve Dupes and Sync (0).

Then, using the contacts phone numbers, first and last names, and email addresses, we identify probably duplicates. We send you emails about these occurrences, and you have the chance to manually match and sync contacts to resolve these issues.

Smart syncing is now in public beta testing.

Also, we’ve done a lot of extensive testing, but more is better. So, if you are actively using this feature, we would love it if you could test it in different conditions, and give us some feedback about how it is working…or not…with screenshots if at all possible.

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