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Oct 16, 2019

Tons of Changes to the Billing Page


I. Order page

This is the page you would see when you want to upgrade, downgrade or change plans.

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II. Checkout page (Top Request)

Once you click on a specific plan on the order page (above), you get to the checkout page: the page for actually making payments. One of the most significant changes is better credit card management. You can now pay via an existing card (one that is already in our PastorsLine system) or add a new card. A handy dropdown menu shows all your options at a glance.

Another important change is the treasurer/bookkeeper’s/accountant’s email. When you add a new card, we now ask you which email to send the invoices to. This is great for churches who need to automatically send their invoices to someone for accounting/bookkeeping/treasury purposes. Read more.

Note: Need your own copy of the invoice? You can still go to the billing page and download/print an invoice as before.


III. Direct invoice payment

The PastorsLine platform will now take you to a page on which you can pay invoices directly. This means that you will receive your messaging credits immediately.

In addition, if the unpaid invoice is overdue and is causing a suspended state, payment should immediately unlock everything, so you can get back to using PastorsLine as normal.

Read more.


IV. Assign User (Top request)

You have been asking us to allow you to assign a user who can see the billing and/or pay with a credit card.

Now that we have added the flexibility of which card you can use for payment, we have been able to handle this top request as well.

For example, perhaps a church would like to add their Pastor as a user. They don’t want to make him an admin. That would be overwhelming, but they would like him to be able to manage the credit cards, pay invoices, buy credits, etc. Now, that is simply done.

Read more.




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