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Nov 19, 2019

Web Widget: ‘from’ number

Why use web widgets?

People use a variety of digital devices. Your church can use this to your advantage.

Sign-up links on your church website, in an online bulletin, or on your church Facebook page let folks opt-in from almost any digital device they use.

To find out about setting up your own web widget, check out this article HERE.


What’s new with web widgets?

Previously, the online, sign-up form could only show the PastorsLine account owner’s primary number.

This wasn’t the most efficient since many churches use our multiuser and multinumber options.

So, we’ve recoded.

Now, you can choose which number the online, sign-up form is being sent from. That means the small group staff can send forms from their number, the pastor’s team from their number, and so on.

The big plus is that people who receive the form get the best contact number because it is the one most specific for their needs.


Here’s how this option looks in the new PastorsLine app.

As the blue arrow shows, you choose the ‘from’ number according to the options in the dropdown menu.





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