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Join our team as they bring you a HUGE update coming January 2022, plus get 5,000 bonus credits! 25 minutes max.

Here’s the Agenda…

PastorsLine Version 3 (Launching January 2022)

Here at PastorsLine, we believe in building strong relationships. Today, you’ll get to hear from our team to learn more about who we are, our history, and how that is informing our vision for 2021 and 2022. We are releasing a new version of PastorsLine this January 2022. It’s the long-awaited promised updates. Sign up to get a full preview.

We’ve been quiet! Learn why.

We are rolling out an entire new PastorsLine platform, which should be headed your way soon! We will also discuss our priorities and how you can continue to help shape our future. We wanted to keep our competitive edge and make sure we showed you our best possible product, so that’s why we waited to share our excitement with you!

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