PastorsLine vs. Clearstream

We’re sure you know how a good, church-focused, bulk text and calling solution can help you make stronger connections with the people in your ministry. And you probably also know that there are many options available. The question is, “Which is the ONE which best answers your particular needs?”

To help you make your best-informed decision, we decided to do a comparison between PastorsLine and Clearstream.

After looking at the details, check out the comparison chart at the bottom.

Let’s be clear from the start, we definitely have an opinion here. All the same, we have tried our best to present only the facts and present them accurately. Having said that, if you feel we have erred or misrepresented anything, please give us a call (800) 260-9705 or pop us an email (link) so we can clear up the confusion.

I. PastorsLine offers unlimited local connections … and more.

  • An unrestricted number of local long codes.
  • International numbers for several countries.
  • Multi-layered approach for number organization, i.e. primary, secondary numbers, etc.

The bottom line? The more numbers you have, the more effective your communication. Here’s why:

  • Each team member or church function can have a dedicated number, allowing subscribers to save each number as a known contact.
  • Incoming texts go only to the number (and hence person or church function) they relate to. Saves time rerouting texts and reduces ‘lost’ texts.

II. PastorsLine’s unlimited keywords give you virtually endless possibilities.
Think of your keywords as lists of subscribers. If your plan gives you 5 keywords, then you can have up to 5 lists of subscribers at any one time—you cannot have more.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you are using your 5 keywords as follows...

Keyword Description
Prayer One-time or recurring prayer requests.
Camp Families interested in youth summer camp.
Study People looking for study groups.
Mission Volunteers having time for various projects.
Drive Church members who can help with transport.

Next month, you have invited an uplifting speaker to lecture and do some workshops at your church. In order to create momentum for this event, you are going to have to delete one of the above lists. Tough choice, right? After all, each of the keywords has its own importance.

PastorsLine doesn’t ask you to make these difficult choices.
We offer a ‘dictionary-full’ amount of keywords. That is, if you can think of a word and create it, you can use it. We are pretty sure you are NEVER going to run out of possibilities, so you can have as many lists as you want.

The bottom line? As your ministry and its activities grow, your subscriber lists increase to meet all your needs.

III. PastorsLine believes that good relationships are built with details and over time.

  • Advanced data capture (FKA autoresponder)—We offer advanced data capture (digital connect texts). Encouraging your subscribers to organically share some of their details with you means that your text relationship can be personalized and individually relevant (in a non-slimy way, of course).

  • Engagement features—Keep in touch with your subscribers with birthday campaigns (a ‘just for you’ text on their birthday touches most people in a positive, caring way); contests (a great opportunity to get your guest to attend an event or your regular members to engage in your program while also capturing their data); and live polling (asking your participants to give real time feedback lets you know exactly what they are thinking so you can change things up to better meet their needs).

The bottom line? Fully automated birthday campaigns use less admin time to increase your communication. Contests motivate people to get involved and think of your ministry as a ‘happening’ place. Live polling gives you a segmented list of cell phone contacts to follow-up with after the event and continue to engage / move along to the next steps. All of these blend together to give your church a broader range of more consistent communication. What you’re looking for, right?

IV. PastorsLine helps you have control over who does what.
In most organizations, it is helpful to have a technological team hierarchy. In other words, not every user gets the same permissions and access. PastorsLine lets you set several levels of roles to keep things flowing quickly and safely.

The bottom line? Assigning permissions handles security and organization in a friendly way.

V. PastorsLine continually increases your communication options.
It’s not about one-size-fits-all.

  • Contact doesn’t use texting? Connect by voice with our voice broadcasting (or voice messaging) feature. 1 to 1 calling is available too.
  • Need to receive calls? Get those forwarded to your phone line.
  • What about if you are not in? Your callers will hear a personalized message informing them that their call will now be transferred to your voicemail.

The bottom line? Being able to not only receive but make calls from the same caller ID can ensure a synergistic communication solution that isn’t tied to your personal phone line. In addition...
PastorsLine is continually responding to user feedback to improve our great platform further.

  • For example, Planning Center and Kiosk Builder integrations are built. We plan to integrate with PCO workflows.
  • Also, in response to feedback, we have made our plans even more price effective: the $50/mo. plan now comes with 2000 credits; the $100/mo. plan now comes with 5000 credits.

SO… You could opt for an ‘always’ free plan that gives you very little communication power

OR… You could take up our free, full feature, trial offer and experience for yourself what a user friendly, personalized, comprehensive communication platform feels like. The choice is kind of obvious, isn’t it?

Sounds like PastorsLine can take us to the next level. We’re in for the free trial. (

It’s interesting but I’m not sure yet. I’d like to find out more. (link to eBook)
Cost for 1500 texts (adjusted) $37.50/mo. $37.50/mo.
Smallest plan$10/mo. $9/mo.
Long codes (local numbers) Unlimited / Multilayered 1 per account
International Yes (Several countries) US only
Keywords, contacts, groups Unlimited Limited keywords. Based on package.
Text message length 1600 280
Required header intro per text No restrictions Required
Widgets / Forms Yes Yes
Numbers 1 or several 1 dedicated number (long code) +
1 shared short per all clients (short codes)
Voice forwarding Yes No
Voice broadcasting Yes No
Simple data capture (FKA autoresponder) Yes Yes
Automated messages Scheduled unlimited msgs manually.
Automation (in process)
Recently released (Dec. '17)
Advanced data capture (Digital Connect Texts) Yes (digital connect texts) No
Email Integrated (MailChimp March '18) No integration seen on website.
Multi-user Yes (advanced teams, role-based users) Basic one level total access.
Mobile app Yes (iPhone and Android) iPhone yes; Android coming soon.
Church-focused or church arm Church-focused Church arm (non-profit branch within the global app).
Kiosk Builder Mar 31 No information seen on website.
Attendance tracker Mar 31 No
Contests Yes "The Clearstream platform does not offer an actual “text-to-win” feature."
Live polling Yes No information seen on website.
Birthday campaigns Yes No information seen on website.
Analytics / Reporting Advanced Advanced
Start for free or have to pay Free up to 500 credits* all features, unlimited keywords Forever free restricted plan: 1 keyword, 25 msg. credits / mo.
Trial length 30 days Can stay on forever free forever.
However, limited options.
Message credit rollover All credits rollover and never expire. Monthly credits no;
Pay As You Go credits yes
Do they offer integrations / API ? CCB (Done)
MailChimp (done)
PCO (Done)
PCO integration.
Lists can be exported as CSV file

Dozens of churches are already using PastorsLine and seeing success.
Here’s what some of them are saying.

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