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Discover the Power
of Our Mobile App

Our mobile app empowers you to seamlessly communicate with individuals and groups through text and voice calls. Easily manage your contacts, personalize messages, and keep track of your communication threads. With features like file attachments, text-to-voice, and customizable settings, our app streamlines your communication needs, saving you time and effort.


Here Is What You Can Do With Our Mobile App


Text And Voice Call To Individuals And Groups

  • Communicate 1:1 or in bulk: text or call one person or a whole group. Our Repeating Messages and Scheduler features save time. Responses only come back to you, the sender, and not the entire group.

  • Attach files to enrich your texts: Weekend sermon notes; motivational images; on-the-spot live videos; forms and applications...PastorsLine can handle it all

  • Create voice messages from a variety of sources: Record live from almost any digital device; upload an mp3 sound file; use text-to-voice. Got voice messages which repeat? Create a timesaving, easy access, PastorsLine Broadcast Library.

  • Send the same message to both mobile and landline contacts: Send a text to people with mobile phone numbers. Then use the PastorsLine Text-to-Voice feature to create a voice broadcast with that same message to people who only have landline numbers.

Manage Your Message And Voice Threads In A Click

  • Check the status of your text and voice messages: Categories include unread/missed, received/incoming, sent/outgoing, scheduled, undelivered, and reprocessed.

  • Continue the thread on an ‘any time, any place’ basis.

  • Create new text and voice messages as needed.


Manage Your Contacts, Groups And Tags

  • Contacts: Manage important contact profile details such as: first name, last name, email, birthday and comments. Add and change tags. Adjust the status of your contacts to keep up with changes: unsubscribe/resubscribe, block, etc.

  • Groups: Create new groups as needed. Personalize your group messages using merge fields.

  • Tags: Create groups within groups to simplify organization. Connect people between groups to combine as needed.

Manage Your Personal And Organization Settings

  • Users: Update your profile information; personalize your signatures; and choose how and when you prefer to receive notifications.

  • Admins: Update organization profile details; Manage user details; Create organization signatures; Set up call forwarding and voicemail options.


And Much More!

Download App to discover what we have to offer!

Our PastorsLine Mobile App lets you stay connected with your people on an 'any time, anywhere' need to be in church or even at a desktop.

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