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Connect with a digital world through text for your church!

PastorsLine is a subscription-based, bulk text and voice messaging platform for churches, non-profit and faith-based ministries, that allows you to capture, connect and communicate with your audience.

Text Messaging Service For Churches

Here's What You Can Do

Communicate with your Church

Send single or group messages.

Manage your Groups

Create and edit your groups.

Manage your Contacts

Create and edit your contacts.

 Phase 1.19xxx

With the mobile app, you can:

* send personalized text, picture and voice messages to individuals, groups and receive individual replies (2-way).
* organize people into groups to easily engage with your audience.
* switch between multiple campuses using the same login.
* send from different numbers you manage.
* see a quick snapshot from the Inbox for your birthday, email, poll, data capture, and contest campaigns.

 Phase 1

It's worth noting that this mobile app wraps the highly optimized mobile website in an app container. Consider this as Phase 1. You will be able to send single and group messages and receive and respond to replies.

We decided to take our own advice and release a version that will allow you to communicate while mobile.

Done is better than perfect, right?
A better native integration with other features are planned over the coming weeks.We hope it's useful and we would love to get your feedback.

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