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Priced for Church Communication (Works in U.S., CA, AU and more...)

Messages never expire. No contracts. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time!

Free Trial

Full access, no CC, 30 days

Get started for free

500 messages

1 U.S. or CA Phone No.++

5 Premium integrations *

Paid Plans

$10 - $500 per month

Compare Paid Plans

300 - 30,000 messages

1 - 10 U.S. or CA Phone Nos.++

1 - 10 Premium integrations *

Larger Plans

Tailored solutions

Get in touch

Custom messages

Custom U.S. or CA Phone Nos.++

Custom Premium integrations *

Compare our Paid Plans

All plans include 2-way global text, voice, automated emails (via MailChimp), and our Rebrandly integration (for shortening links). Unlimited users, contacts, groups, and keywords. Dedicated numbers or host your landline number with us. Our current premium integrations (included with most plans) are Church Community Builder, Planning Center, Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) and Breeze.

A 'message' is a messaging credit. 1 text to one phone number uses 1 messaging credit. 1 voice call to one phone number uses 2 - 3 messaging credits. Yearly plans get all their messages upfront. Every 160 characters is 1 text message / 1 credit.

Each phone number = 125 messaging credits. Usually covers 1 U.S. and CA No. If the phone number costs more messaging credits, the 125 messages credits can be used to offset the additional cost. Rates for international phone numbers differ. Click HERE for more information about our international rates.

We offer unlimited keywords when using local, 10-digit numbers. For short code keywords, we offer two cases of free short code keywords up to your plan limit: 1. words/phrases of 4 digits or more which are not spelled like real words/phrases; 2. words/phrases of 11 digits or more (spelling does not matter). Premium short code keywords are offered for add-on additional costs and are defined as words/phrases of 10 digits or less and spelled like real words.

The number of premium apps you can sync to simultaneously. Free integrations (like Mailchimp and Rebrandly) are included on all plans. Our current premium integrations are Church Community Builder (CCB), Planning Center (PCO), Breeze ChMS and Tithely ChMS (Elvanto).

Sign up without doing the 30-day trial, and you will receive double the amount of messaging credits for the 1st month. Applies to monthly and yearly plans.

In a hurry? Or need to share a PDF with your team?

Download our Pricing Brochure. You will also receive the latest news and updates from our team. Opt-out anytime.


All plans include


Have unlimited users.


Add unlimited contacts.

Groups and Keywords

Create unlimited groups and keywords.


Send and receive text, voice, and email messages.


Messages are flexible (choose to pay only for outgoing messages or have your messages rollover).

Dedicated numbers

Phone numbers++ work within the PastorsLine system for simplified and effective communication.


Note: All our free apps (e.g. MailChimp, Rebrandly) are included in every package.


Works in many countries worldwide. No contracts. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time!

You get this feature and so much more...

(All features are included.)

pastorsline Icon

direct, automated data capture via phone from those interested

pastorsline Icon

mobile keywords to opt in to different church campaigns

pastorsline Icon

automatically create and manage groups

pastorsline Icon

gather information via online forms

pastorsline Icon

polls and surveys

pastorsline Icon

personalized, bulk text messaging

pastorsline Icon

personalized birthday wishes

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pastorsline Icon

create and schedule a series of automated messages

pastorsline Icon

2-way integrations with CCB and Planning Center (MailChimp is next)


Capture Communication Engage Automate
and grow
phone-11Unlimited Keywords masstext-messagesMass Text Messages check-3Polls and Surveys autorespondersAutoresponders
unlimited-sigup-compUnlimited Signup Widgets voice-messagesVoice Messages ordennContests bellAppointment Reminders
arr-downManual Import masstext-messagesUnlimited Groups, Tags loyalityLoyalty Attendance Tracker scheduleSchedule Info
peopleUnlimited Contacts qrcodesUnlimited QR Codes kioskKiosk Builder tablet-readingAnalitics and Reporting
Capture Communication
phone-11Unlimited Keywords masstext-messagesMass Text Messages
unlimited-sigup-compUnlimited Signup Widgets voice-messagesVoice Messages
arr-downManual Import masstext-messagesUnlimited Groups, Tags
peopleUnlimited Contacts qrcodesUnlimited QR Codes
Engage Automate
and grow
check-3Polls and Surveys autorespondersAutoresponders
ordennContests bellAppointment Reminders
loyalityLoyalty Attendance Tracker scheduleSchedule Info
kioskKiosk Builde tablet-readingAnalitics and Reporting


PastorsLine offers Voice and SMS enabled phone numbers globally. These phone numbers are either generally available (GA) or in Beta.

International global






Set up
your team

Multiuser, Multicampus, and Multinumbers

You can now invite your entire team to use PastorsLine.

Our multiuser option gives you lots of choices, including the ‘role-based user’ profile: users see only the groups which they have been assigned and perform only those actions for which they have been given permission.

You can…
Share one, single telephone number among several team members who are working with the same groups, on the same event/project, etc. … Everyone sees everything for the full picture.

Give each team member his or her own, unique telephone number so that each person sees only the messages that are connected to him or her ... Saves time sifting through unneeded messages and makes sure texts don’t fall through the cracks.

Changes can be made at any time by the admin: number of monthly messaging credits, permissions, groups which can be accessed, etc. … Means that your setup flows with and adapts to your church’s needs, not the needs of the platform.

Dozens of churches are already using
PastorsLine and seeing success.

The PastorsLine platform is a church-driven, bulk texting platform developed and managed by church ‘insiders’. We know churches intimately. We’ve attended them, been part of their management teams and worked with them for many years. Our goal is to serve you by helping you spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We’ve positioned ourselves to be your in-house, IT team for solutions to your communication issues. In addition to everything our platform can do, our partners love our responsiveness to their needs and fast tech support.

Why Do Leading Churches
and Ministries Choose Us?

We help small ministries to mega-churches communicate
effectively with their members and visitors through text, voice, and social.

285 Happy Clients

Hundreds of
Happy Clients


5 Years of


Millions of
SMS shared


47 States 
4 Countries

Connect, reach, & engage with a mobile
generation through text for your ministry!

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