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Forget texting in churches
let’s talk about relationships


Fall in Love with texting in churches again for free.

People love to be in love - that first hello, the excitement of building the relationship, that can’t wait to meet again feeling. PastorsLine allows you to "love" on your flock without being creepy.


It’s super easy to setup and gives you the tools (polling, mass texting, <span">guest followup automation) to capture, connect and talk with a segment or your entire audience through text and voice.

Already using a church management system or have an external newsletter you like?

Perfect, we probably have or are
planning an integration and we want to grow
(or shrink) with your needs to help you fulfill 
the great gospel commission.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if
everyone who walks through
your doors were "in love" with
your church?

shy visitors

Even those visitors who snuck through the back door, don’t complete physical connect cards, or hate being asked to stand up during the “visitors' welcome”.

digital naitives

Or the younger, digital natives who are glued to phones and not to what’s happening in the pulpit.

seasoned member

Perhaps the more seasoned members who sit at the back, week after week, and never engage.

We know you want to take everyone, no matter which group they are in, and help them grow towards discipleship.

To grow a healthy church you need to think RELATIONSHIPS.


One powerful way to create and sustain strong relationships in today’s ‘digital’ world is the text message.

But how can we use texting to get our audience to ‘fall in love’ with their church?

For the moment, let’s forget about texting and let’s talk about relationships.



Those over-the-top, seemingly disingenuous, ‘in your face’ HELLOs can be a little scary sometimes.
They can make you feel like being under an unwanted spotlight and being asked for TOO MUCH INFORMATION.


Texting is less stressful,
less intrusive.
You can read texts or not.
You can respond or not.
You can do either or both
at times that suit YOU.

Think about saying hello to your first crush. Do you ask them for their age, credit score and email or do you just say hi, smile, then develop the relationship over time?

Also, 90% of text messages are read within 3 Minutes. Here’s why…

90% of all
American adults
have a cell

336 million


As of December 2013 there
were estimated 336 million
wireless devices in use.


67% of all cell phone owners find
themselves checking their phones
for messages even though they don’t
notice the phone ringing or vibrating.


29% of cell phone owners
describe their phone

as “something they cannot live without.”


     44% of the
owners have slept
with their phone

Once, using mobile phones and texting for church communications was seen as sort of irreverent, even disrespectful. Today, it is so ‘second nature’ to most of our audiences that if you’re not tapping into that potential, your church is losing out on an important way for your members to become more connected to their families and Jesus.

Are we suggesting that we can close down the church welcome center and send the greeters and ushers home? No way! In fact, we encourage it. But sometimes, this method is just too intense.

So, let’s flip the script.
Pastors and church communicators can now say:

Here’s a mobile number you can use to be in touch with me (or my team) 24/7.

Fall in Love with text again for free.

Is this for pastors only?

Actually, no. A pastor, as we may know, means a shepherd, from the Latin verb pascere - to lead to pasture, cause to eat.

So, shepherds care for, nourish, and protect their flocks (whether a few animals or hundreds).

If you are caring for others like shepherds care for their flocks, then, guess what, you ARE symbolically a “pastor”, and this tool is for you (even if that’s not your ‘official’ title).

PastorsLine gives churches the tools to connect with their flock in the right way.


That's why we created the PastorsLine platform to make it super easy to stay connected with people and to engage with a mobile generation!

pastorsline Deshboard

What is PastorsLine?

PastorsLine, powered by, is designed with churches and ministries in mind. It’s a cloud-based text and voice system that allows you to easily build your database and engage with your members and visitors using fun and innovate options. You can manage and engage with your list on your desktop or mobile devices at a fraction of the time.

Our Philosophy

At PastorsLine, we are passionate about reaching a dying world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Methods change, but this message of Hope never has and never will. In a world where people can connect anywhere, we want to make sure ministries can reach people everywhere - even on their mobile devices.


Why PastorsLine?

PastorsLine is focused on building relationships via text. PastorsLine is based in communications, not marketing. So, its interfaces are very social and friendly, enabling better conversations:

  • Autoresponder messages - Better than digital connect cards, these ‘connect texts’ capture personal data naturally, like the way we speak.
  • Text and non-text options - There are voice broadcast and voice mail features, including forwarding to your personal phone number. But you can also answer the ringing phone and have a regular conversation. Appeals to texters and non-texters alike for no break in communications.
  • Best practices for guest follow up - First-time visitors are guided through an automatic, yet personal, data-capture and tagging campaign. Grouping and tagging your audience means richer data capture for better decision making. Lets you and your visitors engage based on what they truly need, not what you THINK they need, and keeps them from falling through any communication cracks.
  • Integration - Allows seamless connecting with other church communication systems you are probably already using so you have a complete digital platform with no holes. Collected information will automatically be sent over to specific groups or lists giving those automated processes, or your team members, access to the information they need without waiting for someone else to email it to them. When you have systems talking to each other, you can maximize your time while simultaneously minimizing errors, reducing volunteer staff frustration, and preventing visitors falling through the cracks along the way.
  • Data tracking - Intelligent analytics from captured data increases the effectiveness of your decisions. Overall, collecting user-specific data is a management tool for RELEVANT simple/complex campaigns + group vs. individual communications.
  • List management - You, your team, and your audience have the control needed to create healthy texting experiences. Security features include blocking, opting in, and opting out.

Ready to learn more?

View our full list of features

Building relationships with your first-time visitors is a HUGE part of growing your church.

Yet, most guest follow-up systems fail.

Here's why:

It’s no secret that the best first-time guest follow-up strategy incorporates text messaging. Systems that use canned text templates to send the same message to all first-time guests may save time but are missing the ability to connect and engage your very unique audience - after all, your guests are more than just a number, right? 🙂

PastorsLine looks at things differently:
Think natural, social relationships vs. spammy, canned, robotic, automated messages.

You see, your digital strategy involves being intentional in the way you share Jesus with people digitally. Hence, a ‘one-size fits all’ isn’t intentional OR strategic. So, here’s how we are fixing this: 

Why do I need PastorsLine when there are so many free apps available?


Your Phone’s

The basic text application on your phone

Free SMS

Skype / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger

Cloud Based SMS Providers

Most of our online competitors

Top-notch Text,
Social & Voice System

Our platform for churches & ministries

Ideal # of users 1 – 3 10 – 50 unlimited* unlimited*
Can work without the Internet? yes no varies yes
People can opt in/out no no varies yes
Create a unique keyword
for easy promotion + opt in
no no some yes
Compliant with TPCA laws N/A N/A few yes
Size of a campaign/group micro small varies all
Blast a message to text + social media simultaneously no no few yes
Offers voice broadcast to a list? no limited to app few yes
Offers Text-to-Screen, shuffle responder,
voting/polling, reporting, automation, etc…
no no few yes
Integrates with other apps / API Access no Rarely / extremely limited varies yes
Overall Cost effectiveness icon-smile-bad icon-smile-normal icon-smile-happy  icon-smile-best icon-smile-best icon-smile-best

PastorsLine both a shortcode and long codes.


Short codes are best used for the initial ‘opt-ins’ to the app, the saying “Hello”.

A long code is a 10-digit telephone number.

Long codes are then used for the continuing conversations to develop firm relationships. Since you can get them in any city, long codes make calls more personal. Also, your long codes are unique to your account. That means you can create any keywords you want, letting users opt-in from anywhere at anytime. So, no more having to be clever with spelling variations such as ‘kidz’, etc.


PastorsLine allows you to add multiple long codes. This means that members of your ministry team can have more than one unique number and greater control to scale your personalized communication. In short, the ability to build better relationships.

Connect, Reach, & Engage
with a mobile, digital generation
through text for your ministry!

Getting started is simple - just 3 easy steps!


img-turn-right img-2-ways img-paper-plane
Sign Up Pick
a number

Fall in Love with text again for free.

Learn about the 3 Ways that Top Churches are using Text
(and it's not what you think)

This eGuide contains vital information that your church needs to Grow, Connect, and Communicate. It presents information and recommendations that will help your church build healthy relationships via text messaging:


forvardSo, texting in churches? Where are we now?

phoneFine, I get why text is important now, but why can't I just use my phone or free apps?

222A reminder of the 3 Top Things You should already be Doing

111That’s cool. What are the 3 Things the Top Churches are Doing Now?


Why Do Leading Churches
and Ministries Choose Us?

We help many small ministries to mega-churches communicate
effectively with your members and visitors: through text, voice and social.

285 Happy Clients

Hundreds of 
Happy Clients


7 Years of


Millions of
SMS shared


47 Connected

Connect, reach & engage with a mobile
generation through text for your ministry!

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