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Text Enable your Church Landline or Toll-free Number

Do you know that most churches aren't even aware that 150 million texts are sent to landline numbers every single day?

Fortunately, enabling text messaging to your current church landline or toll-free number is easy. And it doesn’t affect your local call routing at all.

Text My Church

Pastors and Church Leaders using this feature:

Whether or not your church is using texting via mobile phones, chances are you still have a main, church landline.

How effective is that number?

Did you know that recent consumer polls show that...


89% prefer texting
over calling


81% feel frustrated while
waiting on the phone

In other words, even when there is a voice option, most people prefer texting.

85% of people whose calls are unanswered will not call back!

We’re sure you realize how much time you and the people at your ministry are wasting with landline calling because people just aren’t picking up but were you aware that 85% of people whose calls are unanswered will not call back?

In a way, each of those people is a missed opportunity to bring someone into the discipleship cycle, moving them closer to Christ.

A text-enabled church landline gives more complete coverage, so when people reach out, you are there.

And once a phone is text-enabled, it can link to the PastorsLine platform and become part of your well-thought-out digital communication strategy, enjoying such features as:

pastorsline Icon
  • Multiple users with some advanced controls.

  • Multiple numbers to reduce Inbox madness.

  • Some multicampus options: go beyond just one account while keeping connected to your campuses/departments.

  • NEW - We’ve just launched multiple keywords per campaign. Imagine being able to set up several keywords (e.g. Pray/Prayer) to trigger the same campaign, in order to catch errors or to allow you to use different words for branding purposes.

  • Digital Connect Texts: because digital connect cards for guests are dead.

  • Though texting is what we focus on, having the option to send a voice broadcast or receive a call might be of value to your ministry. You can call out on the numbers from the desktop and not your personal cell phone.

One of the big advantages of text-enabling your church landline number is that it's a number your people already know. Chances are, it's a number already stored in their contact list. If not, no problem. When you send a text, your number will behave like a company number. This means they will get the name of who's sending the texttheir church.

Setting it up

This is a 5-step process which typically takes 1 - 2 days.

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Overall, text-enabling your church landline gives your ministry virtually 100% communication, in the method people prefer, any time of the day or night.


Free Trial

Full Access, No CC, 30 Days

  • 500 messages
  • 1 U.S. or CA Phone No.

Paid Plans

$15 - $750 Per Month

  • 500 - 57,5000 messages
  • 1 - 30 U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

Larger Plans

Tailored Solutions

  • Custom messages
  • Custom U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

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Our full feature, free trial

If you sign up today, we will give you a bonus 500 credits.

So act now. No CC required. No obligation to purchase. We will NOT automatically bill you if you are using our FREE trial. Try it, risk-free.

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