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Improve your church communications (and reduce your workload) by integrating your Mailchimp and PastorsLine accounts.

Integrating PastorsLine and Mailchimp gives your church improved communication and better relationships with your church members and first-time guests. Integration also reduces your workload.

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ScreenHunter 4420

Sync your Mailchimp data
with PastorsLine

  • You have already created contacts and groups on Mailchimp.
  • You have already captured important data.

Why do it all over again?

Integrate with PastorsLine to improve your church comms without double entry.


Imagine adding an email integration which can improve your guest follow-up process, member assimilation, and/or just automate the sending of longer content via email.

Why invent the wheel when other companies have mastered the design options + the understanding of email compliance and deliverability?

If you have not already automated your email delivery through the integrations we currently support—Breeze, Elvanto, Pushpay/CCB, and Planning Center (PCO)—the next best option is to integrate with Mailchimp (MC).

Mailchimp (MC) offers 1000 free emails per month + 1 seat and 1 audience -- enough to get started and see if it is for you. They have great email templates, a great reputation, and comply with best practices to ensure your email can be delivered.

Here's what we offer now!

  • Ability to import your MC lists or groups into PastorsLine and send out texts.
  • Ability to automate an email to go out by choosing one of your saved templates in MC.

Here's what we plan to work on soon.

  • Ability to write the body of an email and send using an MC template.

What do you need for the integration?

You can set up this integration as soon as both the PastorsLine and MC apps are in place for your church (It’s easy, and we show you how—just click the button below.)

No more duplicates with Smart Syncing

Enjoy a choice of two videos.

Two different PastorsLine team members guide you through the process. Since the videos are short (about 3 minutes each), we suggest that you watch both.

Works with our Automated Messages Campaign

Replace Digital Connect Cards
with Digital Connect Texts

In MC, data is captured via a form. On PastorsLine, it is captured via text message—easier for you and your subscribers. So, capture the data on PastorsLine, and send it back to MC.

You can use the data capture feature to instantly capture new data via text and push that info into a MC group immediately. E.g. first and last names, addresses,  emails, birthdays, and phone numbers (Digital Connect Texts).

Digital Connect Text Template

Two-way Sync

As your church grows with PastorsLine, you will most likely be adding new subscribers and new groups. All this can be synced back to MC, keeping both apps up-to-date.

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ScreenHunter 4421

You will be able to sync some or all of your Mailchimp groups to PastorsLine.

ScreenHunter 4418

You will be able to see all your
contacts with a phone number
in your contact list.

ScreenHunter 4419

You can create a new Mailchimp group or sync to existing groups from within the PastorsLine interface.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Integrating is not scary...

...because PastorsLine takes excellent care of your data.

PastorsLine processes all data securely using our SSL certificate. We also follow all industry ‘best practices’ standards regarding handling and treating data. PastorsLine never deletes groups or contacts on your church’s Mailchimp account.

In addition, you can always opt-out. Your church always retains full control of your data. At any time, you can roll back the PastorsLine app in order to easily disable the Mailchimp integration.

The best news is that as your church grows, PastorsLine and Mailchimp can continue to sync your new contacts and groups up to an unlimited number with virtually no restrictions.


Free Trial

Full Access, No CC, 30 Days

  • 500 messages
  • 1 U.S. or CA Phone No.

Paid Plans

$15 - $750 Per Month

  • 500 - 57,5000 messages
  • 1 - 30 U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

Larger Plans

Tailored Solutions

  • Custom messages
  • Custom U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

Real Clients


If you sign up today, we will give you a bonus 500 credits.

So act now. No CC required. No obligation to purchase. We will NOT automatically bill you if you are using our FREE trial. Try it, risk-free.

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