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Our integrations extend apps which you are already using, so you can save time, minimize human error and reduce data silos as you automatize your workflow. Using integrations allows you to mix and match apps, choosing the one best suited for the task at hand.


Our Integrations feature lets you

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds. PastorsLine focuses on what we do best: texting and voice messages. We know that ChMSs and email newsletter systems excel at what they do. So, we build integrations between PastorsLine and the church-specific apps most people are using.

  • Do more data management tasks fewer times. Our integrations are deep, true, two-way integrations. PastorsLine can push data to and pull data from the apps we integrate with. This includes data capture (collect the data and push it back to the app) and automated messages (external apps can connect and create trigger points). This means a big reduction in manually moving data around...less human error, too.

  • Sync groups between PastorsLine and the integrated app. Groups already set up in CCB, Breeze, Tithely or PCO? Sync them with PastorsLine. Groups created new in PastorsLine? Sync them with CCB, Breeze or PCO.

  • Sync virtually whenever. Like most other apps, PastorsLine has a regularly scheduled sync at night. HOWEVER, we realize that lot of changes can happen from night to night. So, we offer more sync options than others. Your data is synced when you log in. It can also be synced on demand and manually. You don’t have to do a complete sync either. You can sync just part of your data such as a group or your contacts list. This is great when you want to make sure everything is up-to-date before sending out a bulk text or newsletter.

  • Integrate with Rebrandly. Shorter links (URLs) can save characters, giving you more message for the same credits.

  • Manage your duplicate contacts via Smart Syncing. Different app requirements means that sometimes, duplicate contacts occur. PastorsLine has developed a feature which searches first and last names, emails, and phone numbers; identifies duplicates; and gives you possible matches, so you can make the final choices more easily. Read more about smart syncing here.

How it works

Do it once and do it better with shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.


Free Trial

Full Access, No CC, 30 Days

  • 500 messages
  • 1 U.S. or CA Phone No.

Paid Plans

$15 - $750 Per Month

  • 500 - 57,5000 messages
  • 1 - 30 U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

Larger Plans

Tailored Solutions

  • Custom messages
  • Custom U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

Real Clients


Our full feature, free trial

If you sign up today, we will give you a bonus 500 credits.

So act now. No CC required. No obligation to purchase. We will NOT automatically bill you if you are using our FREE trial. Try it, risk-free.

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