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Keywords allow your audience to quickly communicate their interests to you.

Option 1: Invite people to text your unique, local, 10-digit long code number, e.g. (987)-654-3210, with a keyword that you designate. No need to get creative as you can choose from virtually unlimited keywords.

Option 2: In special cases, ask people to text to the PastorsLine dedicated, 5-digit, short code number, e.g. “Text WELCOME to 77411”. Communication is quicker, so suits larger audiences.

In either case, you can use different keywords to identify people responding to different campaigns and offers.

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PastorSLine Keyword Template

What are keywords?

Keywords are powerful because they can trigger any campaign or automation within PastorsLine. Even better, your users can use these keywords independently from their mobile phones, whether you are there or not.

PastorsLine offers two types of keywords: long code keywords and short code keywords. Read more about them here.

Trigger The Process, So You Don’t Have To.

Capture Data

Collect information from members or visitors who express an interest in your church or ministry directly from their phones. You can use a series of automated texts (autoresponder) or give a link to an online form.

Our Smart Syncing feature minimizes duplicates in your external apps.
Click to learn more about Smart Syncing.

PastorSLine Keyword Template
PastorSLine Keyword Template

Categorize Contacts

By setting up different keywords for the same campaign, you can group responders. For example, for menu-planning purposes, the keywords “AllFood”, “Veggie”, “Vegan”, “GlutenFree”, “NonDairy”, “AnotherNeed” will group young people eating during your VBS event.

Disseminate Information

You can send one-time announcements about
upcoming events. You can also send information over a period of time such as ‘homework’ links for a Bible study series.

PastorSLine Keyword Template
PastorSLine Keywords Template

Trigger Campaigns and Automations

PastorsLine has many keyword-triggered features which help keep your contacts engaged. Campaigns such as polls to provide feedback on how you’re doing and what people need for the future. Automations such as live questions during an evangelical event.

Why Is It Needed?

Ministry has always been about building relationships. Jesus made it his business to go where the people were. Today, the people are on their phones…texting.

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Keywords are the simplest way to connect with people via their most accessible point of contact...their phone numbers.

Keywords are scalable: 10s to 100s to 1000s of people can keyword-in simultaneously.

And, you don’t have to wrack your brain thinking of creative keywords. Since you are using a local number, you have a ‘dictionary-full amount’ of keywords on offer (save the roughly 20 set aside for admin purposes).

Plus, since you can use multiple keywords, you can take into account spelling errors. For example, “PRAY” and “PREY” for prayer requests.

Today, people like it short and sweet. Keywords let your people speak volumes with just a few letters. And keywords let your people connect with your church, any time, anywhere.


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  • 500 - 57,5000 messages
  • 1 - 30 U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

Larger Plans

Tailored Solutions

  • Custom messages
  • Custom U.S. or CA Phone Nos.

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