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Solutions for... Small Groups Leaders

It’s all about connecting people, isn’t it? We want people to get interested in a small group (or even several) and keep coming back. Smart texting can pique their interest to join and then encourage their continued participation. It's useful to remember that a healthy church is built around well-attended small groups.

Here’s how using the PastorsLine Mass Calling And Texting Service can get people engaged in small groups and have you, as a small group leader, help your pastor engage with these people.


Are you finding it a struggle to communicate with your small group(s)?

With other apps, everyone sees everything, so people get tired of all the notifications and opt out.

With PastorsLine, you communicate with everyone but it is individual/personalized. In other words, you can send your group personalized messages such as "Hi [First Name]. Just wanted to remind you about Bible Study tonight at 7 pm." and get replies without everyone seeing.

So, you can achieve a feeling of private, human communication, as if you were engaging with each person one-to-one on their cell phone.

A church with strong small groups is usually a healthy, well-attended church. It’s the connections, the relationships. Personalized texting—keeping in touch during class and during the week—strengthens these bonds.

Here’s how...

Using Autoresponders and Data Capture

Connect Cards

Things tend to repeat themselves, so maximize your communication and, at the same time, minimize your time/effort by using Automation. You can set up automated message campaigns to:

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    Capture the needed data of those signing up

  • checkboxx1-1

    Send scheduled group messages such as during-the-week reminders, links to homework or further reading/information, even words of encouragement. Our Templates feature makes this virtually a one and done deal.

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    Follow up at specific intervals to see how things are going. Intervals can be calculated in two ways: by date (on May 5) or by number of days (X days after/before a certain event).

Keeping it Relevant

People continue listening when it’s what they need and not too often.

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    The PastorsLine Polls feature lets you get feedback from your small groups participants easily and often.

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    Sending out a Group Text Message every so often asking for comments lets you engage via the same personalized message with everyone in your group, so it looks like a single, 1:1 message + each reply comes only to you.

Mass Calling and Texting Service

Energizing your Meetings


Since the phones are there anyway, let’s use them to get people engaged in the Word.

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    One option for live, in class interaction is contests. There doesn’t even have to be a prize—people just like to be named as the winner!

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    You could also be daring and let your small group participants manage the content of a small group meeting. Like those “Choose your own Adventure” books, let your participants choose what happens (or gets talked about) next via a Poll.

Increasing Organization

Things like taking attendance and measuring the health of your church are important yet time-consuming tasks.

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    Use Tags to segment your small group even further. For example, organize appropriate seating for people with physical issues.

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    Track engagement and interests with keywords. Offering people a choice of keywords to use when they opt in (or arrive) automatically creates groups. You can then review these groups for valuable feedback.

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    Follow the progress of small group campaigns with Logs and Reports.


Core Features

All these features are available and included in our free trial and all paid plans.

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direct, automated data capture via phone from those interested

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mobile keywords to opt in to different church campaigns

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automatically create and manage groups

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gather information via online forms

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polls and surveys

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personalized, bulk text messaging

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personalized birthday wishes

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create and schedule a series of automated messages

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2-way integrations with CCB and Planning Center (MailChimp is next)

Overall, texts are the most opened, fastest read and most responded to type of communication. When you think about your audience’s needs like Jesus did, texting becomes the preferred way for Pastors to do more in less time, staying connected to their audience’s needs while creating some insulation between their own spaces and those of their audience.
Dozens of churches are already using
PastorsLine and seeing success.

The PastorsLine platform is a church-driven, bulk texting platform developed and managed by church ‘insiders’. We know churches intimately. We’ve attended them, been part of their management teams and worked with them for many years. Our goal is to serve you by helping you spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We’ve positioned ourselves to be your in-house, IT team for solutions to your communication issues. In addition to everything our platform can do, our partners love our responsiveness to their needs and fast tech support.

Our full feature, free trial

If you sign up today, we will give you a bonus 500 credits. The invite code is SMALLGROUPS. So act now. No CC required. No obligation to purchase. We will NOT automatically bill you if you are using our FREE trial. Try it, risk-free.

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Get 500 FREE credits now!


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