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Digital Evangelism – Leading people from online to offline to Christ

By Jason Alexis

Even though the tools and strategy are digital, Digital Evangelism is still evangelism. Its purpose is still leading people to Christ whether you are doing personal ministry or corporate evangelism. The only difference is that churches are now using a hybrid of digital and traditional tools or fully digital ones.…

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Pastors and Leaders: Just like Mark Cuban, You Can Take your Accessibility to the Next Level

By Jason Alexis

Mark Cuban has joined the group of celebrities who are sharing their “phone numbers” with the public. Why? In an article in The Dallas Morning News, Cuban explained that he thinks it’s important for businesspeople to be accessible. Cuban wants to set an example of this and tries to get…

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How to Exponentially Increase your First-time Visitor Return Rate

By Jason Alexis

Recently, Mike Lovato of Magnolia Church shared the following story with us in our PastorsLine Facebook group. It was about how his use of personalized, automated texting made a HUGE difference in the responses he got to a message he sent out. We will also share the exact templates he…

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Case Study: Filling in your Church’s Communication Cracks

By Anne Heath

Perrysburg First United Methodist Church is “here to serve, not to be served”. They serve a long list of local, national and international missions that support adults, youth, and children. Successfully running all these important missions depends on communication: people need to know what’s on offer as well as where…

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Interview: Encouraging Brand New Guests Through Your Front Doors with Texting

By Anne Heath

  Even though they have four campuses in central Ohio and minister to 3,600 people over 10 weekly services, Grace Fellowship understands that their front doors need to be seeing new faces continuously. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ronee De Leon, Administrator of both the Local Impact and…

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Interview: An “AND” Strategy at The Bay Church

By Anne Heath

Our team at PastorsLine recommends an ‘AND’ instead of an ‘OR’ strategy. In other words, a combination of communication tools which fit your church culture. Let’s look at an AND strategy in action. A short while ago, I spoke with Sarah Poindexter and Leona Njoku-Obi of The Bay Church (formerly…

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Interview: Automated, Streamlined and Sustainable Texting for Grandad’s Church

By Anne Heath

The limited resources of many churches mean each ‘asset’ should multitask as much as possible. Communication apps are no exception. I recently had a chance to speak with Kristen Waddle, Communications and Production Director of Nebo Crossing Church in Nebo, North Carolina (formerly Eastside Baptist) about their experiences with PastorsLine.…

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Interview: How Justin Carter of Cornerstone Christian Church is Effectively using PastorsLine especially during Emergencies

By Anne Heath

A short while ago, I had a lovely chat with Justin Carter, Lead Minister at Cornerstone Christian Church in Eau Claire, WI. Justin has been with the church and as their lead minister for 8 years. I asked Justin to tell me a little about how his church handled communication…

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Interview: How Michelle Dyke of Real Life Church is saving time with PastorsLine multi user functionality.

By Anne Heath

It was my pleasure to speak with Michelle Dyke of Real Life Christian Church in Orlando, Florida. Michelle (a former Actuary) shared that once, she considered herself a Christian who “believed in God but didn’t believe in going to church”.  However, a life-changing life event made her feel lost, and…

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Christmas Giveaway for Church Tech Today Subscribers 2018

By Jason Alexis

3 Christmas Tips Bonus: $100 PastorsLine credit As I am sure you are well aware, Christmas is coming, and as you are making plans and brainstorming ways to increase your member engagement and reach new (and old) guests, we want to share with you a few tips that we think…

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Christmas Giveaway 2018

By Jason Alexis

3 Christmas Tips Bonus: $100 PastorsLine credit As I am sure you are well aware, Christmas is coming, and as you are making plans and brainstorming ways to increase your member engagement and reach new (and old) guests, we want to share with you a few tips that we think…

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Fixes, Fictures, Forecast PastorsLine

October 2018 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Jason Alexis

Time once again to give you an update about what the PastorsLine team has been doing and a peek into what’s upcoming. First and foremost—we thank our client partners for their patience and their excellent feedback. Many of the things on our ‘To Do’ list were inspired by your requests.…

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