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PastorsLine is a communication tool designed for churches, offering features like Voice Broadcast for automated robo calls and phone tree systems. Grace Church of Mentor shares positive feedback about its effectiveness in reaching congregation members quickly with important updates.


When it comes to sharing last-minute updates with your church members, traditional methods like text messages or manual phone trees may not be the most effective. But don’t worry, there’s a better solution.

Enter PastorsLine, a revolutionary communication tool designed specifically for churches. With our Voice Broadcast feature, you can easily send automated robo calls or create a phone tree system that ensures every member receives important updates.

Here’s some feedback from one of our partners, Courtney Best, Grace Church of Mentor, about how our Voice Broadcast feature is working for them. 

What specifically was your goal in using PastorsLine? 

Courtney shared: “The primary reason we started using PastorsLine was needing to find a new service that integrated with Pushpay/CCB. We have used voice broadcasts several times. We use voice it primarily to communicate last-minute closings due to weather, etc. where we need to reach people quickly.

How would you rate the overall ease of use of the Voice Broadcast feature? 

“It’s pretty easy to follow the steps,” Courtney answered.

How has the Voice Broadcast feature impacted your communication with your congregation? 

Courtney told us: “It enables us to reach large groups of our congregation quickly with timely information about changes.”

Have you encountered any challenges while using this feature? If so, could you please elaborate? 

Courtney was concerned that previewing her message might cost her credits.

This is not the case. There are two previews BEFORE it’s sent. There is a RETAKE option before you upload. Then, there is a preview option after upload as a final preview BEFORE SENDING. Neither of these previews cost any credits. They are part of the Voice Broadcast process. 

Could you use the PastorsLine Voice Broadcast feature to improve your last-minute communication?

Yes, take me to the free, $0 for 30 days trial.

Probably, but I’d like to know more about texting in churches first.

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