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The PastorsLine Real Video Attachment (RVA) feature allows pastors and church leaders to send live video messages directly to their congregations’ devices. These real-time, authentic videos provide more personal communication than pre-recorded content. Key benefits include real-time engagement with viewers, raw and unfiltered speaking from the heart, and immediacy for urgent matters.

User feedback indicates the feature works excellently – videos attach natively, the interface is easy, and church members respond positively. In summary, the PL RVA live video capability enables more authentic church-member communication to build community and share Christ’s message of hope. It is an indispensable tool for today’s church leaders looking to foster greater engagement through transparency and vulnerability.

Hear what Lupé Lopez (Anna First Baptist Church) + 4 others said about PastorsLine’s Real Video Texting

When life happens, you need to get the message out…now. Sure, you can send a text message, but sometimes just words are not enough. Your people need to see your face and hear your voice…off the cuff, live. Presenting the PastorsLine Real Video Attachment feature (RVA).

Why a live video?

Real-time communication

The PL RVA feature offers a unique opportunity for pastors and church leaders to communicate with their congregations in real-time. Real, live, off the cuff videos provide an authentic and personal touch that can often be lacking in pre-recorded or scripted content. By going live, you can address important announcements, share words of encouragement, or deliver sermons directly to your people’s devices.

Direct engagement

One of the key benefits of live videos is the ability to engage directly with the audience. Your viewers can leave comments and questions, creating a sense of community and interaction. This real-time feedback allows you to address concerns, provide additional information, or pray for specific needs. It fosters a sense of connection and unity.

Raw and unfiltered

Another advantage of using the PL RVA feature is the raw and unfiltered nature of the content. While scripted videos have their place, there is something powerful about seeing a leader speak from the heart, without any rehearsed lines. These authentic moments can resonate deeply with your people, making them feel seen, heard, and understood. It creates an atmosphere of transparency and vulnerability, which can help strengthen the bond between church members.

Immediacy and urgency (when needed)

Additionally, real, live, off the cuff videos provide a level of immediacy and urgency that can be beneficial in certain situations. Whether it’s a last-minute prayer request, an urgent announcement, or a call to action, going live ensures that the message reaches the audience as quickly as possible. This real-time aspect allows for timely updates and promotes a sense of urgency within the community.

How well does this PastorsLine feature work?

The results appear to be excellent. Here’s what some of our PastorsLine partners had to say:

Streams of Joy Houston:

 The PastorsLine Real Video Attachment worked perfectly.

Stephen Carlile, Billings Seventh-day Adventist Church:

 It’s nice that the PastorsLine Real Video Attachment is native and not a link to go watch somewhere else.

Lupé Lopez, Anna First Baptist Church:

After resizing, the PastorsLine Real Video Attachment was great. It was well received. No complaints from any recipients.God Bless!

Eric Birden:

The PastorsLine Real Video Attachment worked well. It was sent to a group. As a communication method, it seems to be working well for us.

Steven Thomas, TRBC:

The PastorsLine Real Video Attachment is an amazing and effective service.

The bottom line

The importance of using real, live, off the cuff videos when communicating with church members cannot be overstated. The PastorsLine Real Video Attachment feature is an important tool in providing an authentic and personal touch to foster engagement and interaction. By utilizing this powerful tool, your church can effectively connect with your people, build community, and share the message of love and hope in a rapidly changing world.

Are you on board with live videos for your people?

For sure! Please take me to your 30-day, full access free trial (no credit card info required).

Thanks, but we’d like to know more about texting in churches first.

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