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PastorsLine, a faith-based company, understands the importance of effective resource allocation for churches. Gary Ginn of Redeemer Church shared how PastorsLine pricing and automation helps churches maximize their limited resources and extend their reach through digital communication. With scheduled messages and campaigns, churches can save time and make a greater impact. Read more to see how PastorsLine can help maximize your precious resources.

As a faith-based company, all of us at PastorsLine fully understand how important it is for churches to effectively allocate their resources. First, it is part of good stewardship. Second, it is a very practical matter as church budgets are often quite limited.  So, to achieve both, churches strive to make every penny count. They want to maximize the impact of their precious resources, ensuring that they are utilized in the most meaningful and purposeful ways.

The first thing which caught the eye of Gary Ginn, Pastor, Redeemer Church is that PastorsLine does what it says!

If something does not work as it should, there is little to no chance for it to be either meaningful or purposeful.

Gary shared:

 My friend, CJ told me about your platform and I had a chance to see it in action first hand…so I thought I’d give it a try.” 

Gary saw for himself that PastorsLine did what it said it will do. And when Gary investigated further, he felt that “the price seems reasonable”. These are important factors when deciding whether or not to allocate part of your precious church budget.

The second thing which Gary liked was the automation.

He shared that it would be “super helpful”. We agree. That’s why one of PastorsLine’s main development principles is “set it and forget it”. 

We know churches intimately. We’ve attended them, been part of their management teams and worked with them for many years. Our ‘insider perspective’ means we know how churches struggle to find the time to complete their ‘to-do’ lists, especially tasks connected to digital communication. 

And yet, digital communication gives us an incredible opportunity to expand our reach and impact. First, it helps us extend our message beyond the confines of physical walls. Second, churches can leverage the power of texting, real video attachments, and voice messages to empower their congregations to achieve greater personal growth and spiritual development.

PastorsLine automation is positioned to serve that need. For example: scheduled messages—When you have time, you create the texts you know you must have. You schedule them to go out automatically as needed, one-time or on repeat (even annually – great for Christmas and Easter). 

Another example is our campaigns. Some of the possibilities are data captures (an excellent way to collect new-guest contact details); birthday messages (deepen relationships by offering a blessing on the special day); and polls (get important feedback from your people to help in future planning). Once you create these campaigns, you’re done because PastorsLine keeps them working for you automatically.

The bottom line

Gary sums it up best when he shared with us:

We are church-based with limited physical and financial resources. This helps us maximize those precious resources.

That’s PastorsLine in a nutshell. Our free, 30-day, full feature, no CC trial (no credit card required) is just a click away. Check out how we can help you maximize your precious resources.

Thanks but we’d like to know more about texting in churches first.

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