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One of the things that PastorsLine does is integrate with different digital solutions such as your church management systems (ChMS). This eliminates the need for data silos. So if you need to send a text message or make a call, etc. within PastorsLine, you don’t have to import or export data, make sure that the names match, or check that the opt-out status is updated. We do that for you through our syncing process.

However when syncing data from an outside app, there are some restrictions in addition to natural technological restrictions or server issues that may arise that may make this process slower for most of our users. To make things quicker and more comfortable, we created our browser extension which brings the functionality of PastorsLine inside your church management system.

At the moment, our browser extension works with Planning Center (PCO) and Pushpay/CCB and allows you to message people and groups from within your church management system.

Case study: Vance Baarda, Centerpoint Church

Vance Baarda, IT Director at CenterPoint Church in Orem, Utah recently ran into the frustration of PastorsLine not syncing quickly enough for their needs. We proposed that Vance try our browser extension, but they were concerned that learning a new way would be difficult for their pastors. However, the results were quite good, and Vance was kind enough to share their testimonial.

CenterPoint Church is using our Browser Extension from within Planning Center (PCO) via the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Very pleased so far
Vance shared,

“I’ve started experimenting with the Firefox extension, and it looks like a game changer. I’m very pleased by what I’ve seen.”

A Clunky Process Transformed

Vance continued,

“Before your new browser extension, syncing a PCO list to a PastorsLine group was unwieldy and slow, and I usually got stuck because I missed a step. Our guinea pig pastor was very discouraged — he was pretty sure it would be a no-go with the other pastors.”

The end result?

“With the new extension, and maybe five minutes of training from me, I believe the whole staff is going to love it. A huge thanks to you and your team,” Vance concluded.

The bottom line

The new PastorsLine Browser extension reduces back-and-forth between apps. The result is a more streamlined process, eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing the chance of errors. What once took significant time and patience can now be accomplished swiftly and accurately.

One of the standout features of this extension is its ease of use. With just a short training session, your team can be up and running. The intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it easy for everyone to grasp the new system quickly. Any initial skepticism is usually replaced by enthusiasm, bringing your entire staff on board and excited about the possibilities this extension brings.

At the moment, the PastorsLine Browser Extension is available for Planning Center (PCO) and Pushpay/CCB from the Firefox, Chrome, or Edge browsers. Get more information here.
We’re using one of those combinations! Let’s get started with the PastorsLine 30-day, full access free trial (no credit card info required) so we can enjoy the PastorsLine Browser Extension.

Thanks, but we’d like to know more about texting in churches first.

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