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A complete 10-minute Walk-through!

A quick overview of our Dashboard. 


Archive vs Delete

Ever deleted someone or something and then wished you hadn’t? Often, this happens long after the deletion, so it is gone forever. PastorsLine now gives you a choice. Learn more

archive vs delete

Close Conversations

Close conversations one-by-one or in bulk keeping your Inbox less cluttered. Learn more


Messages Viewing Filters

We want finding your messages to be as easy as possible. So PastorsLine V3 automatically filters your messages into many categories.

Opt in status filters

A detailed breakdown shows you who has opted for what. For example: with texts, see who unsubscribed, opted out, and opted out likely (as we mentioned above). With Mailchimp, find out who subscribed, unsubscribed, non-subscribed and was cleaned.

New Filters

Do multiple actions at once to Inbox messages

Repetitive actions take time if we need to do them one by one – especially if you have a lot to do! Our solution is multi-select, bulk actions. 


Draft texts

Just like with email, you might start a text and then leave it. We save it for you, so you can start from where you left off.


Opted out likely

To opt out of texts, people need to send specific words such as “Stop”. If they sent something similar but not exact, we flag it here for your review.

opt out likely

Expanded search categories

We understood that people want to be able to search their data in many different ways. So we expanded our Search possibilities.

search by keywords

Better “Do not call” management

Some of your people are happy with texts but not voice calls. Just a few clicks will remove them from the calling list to respect their privacy.

do not call

Personal signatures

Users can choose not to use the defaults but personalize their signatures instead. This gives your staff more ability to reflect their own characters and cultures.


Personalized app settings

When you open the Messages view, which category is your usual ‘go-to’? In the People view, how do you want the names sorted - A to Z by last name; Z to A by first name; by newest, etc.? Do you like to see details in a list or prefer them in a table? All these and more are yours to ‘command’.

Personal App Settings

Voice templates

Chances are there are voice messages you repeat such as reminders to complete and send in trip forms or VBS registration documents. Now you can save them as templates to use over and over.


Add thumbnails for users and organizations

Put a face to your users or icon to your organizations. Uploading a thumbnail is quick and easy.


Custom notification settings

Expanded notification settings let you control the amount and frequency of information.

We’ve got some new options also, such as the ability to edit the amount of your low credit balance reminder. Set it higher or lower as desired.

Save time PastorsLine

People are excited. They find that ‘getting around’ PL V3 is fairly easy and straightforward. So, not too much of a learning curve. They appreciate the reorganization, which puts more actions on one web page - less moving from page to page to get things done.

Ready to try out Version 3?


What is PastorsLine?

PastorsLine, powered by, is designed with churches and ministries in mind. It’s a cloud-based text and voice system that allows you to easily build your database and engage with your members and visitors using fun and innovate options. You can manage and engage with your list on your desktop or mobile devices at a fraction of the time.

Our Philosophy

At PastorsLine, we are passionate about reaching a dying world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Methods change, but this message of Hope never has and never will. In a world where people can connect anywhere, we want to make sure ministries can reach people everywhere - even on their mobile devices.


That's why we created the PastorsLine platform to make it super easy to stay connected with people and to engage with a mobile generation!

Text in Church - Pastorsline

Dozens of churches are already using
PastorsLine and seeing success.

The PastorsLine platform is a church-driven, bulk texting platform developed and managed by church ‘insiders’. We know churches intimately. We’ve attended them, been part of their management teams and worked with them for many years. Our goal is to serve you by helping you spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We’ve positioned ourselves to be your in-house, IT team for solutions to your communication issues. In addition to everything our platform can do, our partners love our responsiveness to their needs and fast tech support.

Our full feature, free trial

If you have tried our product or plan on doing so, you can now extend your trial after 30 days to get an additional 14 days. Just enter the coupon code GRACE on the billing page when logged in and select a plan. You will pay only $1 and can cancel before the 14th day and not be charged. Additionally, we give you an additional 500 credits. So go ahead, do take advantage of this offer.

Just because you checked out the walk-through, however, we will give you a bonus 500 credits. The invite code to use is walkthrough. Use it in step 2 after you create a free account. 

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