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Easter Follow-up

Congratulations to you and your ministerial team for making it through the weekend. You guys deserve a gold star!

So just over the weekend you now have seen many guests and visitors or people that you haven’t seen in quite a while. You [probably] have their names and their phone numbers — possibly even emails.

Now is the time to be engaging with them. To be connecting with them, before it all kinda fizzles.


Christ’s Ministry didn’t stop after he died, that’s when it took off. Now may not be the time to be taking a breather to be going on vacations – we should do like Christ did.

After his resurrection, he spent the next 40 days engaging with small groups, visiting people and then he ascended into heaven. We can see this beautiful example in 1 Corinthians 15:4-7.

I wanna encourage you to try this tip.

So you have different small groups — you have teams, you have young adults, special groups, singles groups. I want you to now text them — engage. Remind them about the groups that are going on – encourage them — build those communications.

The reason I say text is because not a lot of people are gonna be checking emails or answering phone calls. They are busy but they do have time to check their phone really quick for a text though.


You can say things like

  • Hey, don’t forget Wednesday night prayer meeting.
  • Also for pastors, have a four-week sermon series prepared. Memorial Day is just around the corner. That’s your next big day so you want to have a series that continues on with Easter.

Christ’s Ministry did not stop at the cross. If you would like to learn more on how to engage your small groups, check out our PastorsLine platform, signup for a free account, and start texting.



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author: Jerrod Boling

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