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Browser Extension:
Seamless Texting and Group Messaging for Any Website

 Our powerful PastorsLine Browser Extension is designed to allow you to text any number from any website or send group texts within Planning Center and/or PushPay/CCB websites in the browser.

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Optimized for    PCO and more coming soon.

Here Is What You Can Do With Our Browser Extension


Text Everyone on Any Website

  • Communicate 1:1: Send texts to individuals: any number from any website.

  • Text options: Choose to always show, display on hover or none at all:

     1. Always show a small text icon next to the number
    2. Only show the text icon when you hover over the number
    3. Don't show any text icon

    Regardless of which display option you choose, you can always highlight any number on the page, right-click, and then choose "Text via PastorsLine" to easily text that number.

Streamlined Workflows in Planning Center and PushPay/CCB

Reduce clicks and eliminate unnecessary steps in your daily tasks, making your work more efficient and productive. The app will resync your data and send the message for you. You can group text lists that haven't previously been synced in PastorsLine with just two clicks, never leaving the app. 'Private' responses: Responses only come back to you, the sender, and not the entire group. 

 PCO Send Messages (People Lists)

  • Communicate in bulk: Send group texts to  Planning Center Lists effortlessly, all from within your Dashboard. 

CCB Send Messages (Groups, Saved Searches or Process Queues)

  • Communicate in bulk: Send group texts to PushPay/CCB groups, saved searches, or process queues all from within your Dashboard. 

Transparent Logs and Reliable Browser Notifications

  • Get notified of your message status and see the logs of messages sent for peace of mind. We allow for uninterrupted communication, notification, and log management, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Secure and Reliable

Our extension is built with privacy and data protection as top priorities, ensuring your peace of mind. Rely on our stable and dependable infrastructure for uninterrupted communication and workflow management, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


A Powerful Extension for Seamless Texting and Group Messaging

Unlock the full potential of efficient communication and streamlined workflows with our feature-rich PastorsLine Browser extension. Install it today and experience the power of seamless texting and group messaging.

Works in usa-flag  ca-flag  uk-flag  aus-flag  sa-flag   nz-flag   swis-flag and more View

Our PastorsLine Mobile App lets you stay connected with your people on an 'any time, anywhere' need to be in church or even at a desktop.

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