Business woman working in office. Woman talking on Landline phone.

Discover the advantages of a one-number, communications HUB: your text-enabled church landline

By Jason Alexis | May 22, 2020

Picture a church in which: The pastor and several church staff have all shared their mobile phone numbers with their ministry. Church members get confused about which number to use when. Quite often, the pastor and staff receive texts/calls which they need to redirect to the relevant people. Since people are used to texting, they…

What’s Happening At the Moment

PastorsLine / CCB Integrations: What’s Happening At the Moment

By Jason Alexis | June 26, 2017

We’re really enjoying how your feedback is leading to improvements and refinements. Thanks and keep those comments / requests coming! Here’s where we are at the moment… Duplicates handling It’s no secret that most CCB users probably have tons of duplicate data within their applications. And once you sync that data with ours…well, we’ve most…

Fixes, Features, and forecast

April 2017 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Jason Alexis | May 1, 2017

We have done a ton under the hood of PastorsLine. You will continue to notice improved performance when using the desktop or mobile app. Mobile App ​Talking about the mobile app, have you tried it yet? Whether or not you prefer using the desktop version, I would recommend installing and signing into the app. This…

Cloud Based Text Messaging

Easy Ministry Ideas | PastorsLine

By Team PastorsLine | April 5, 2017

Easy Ministry Ideas Video Transcript Are you looking for an easy and simple ministry to start of your own? Well, in this video, I talk about how you can use your cell phone to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Stay tuned! Hey guys, my name is Justin and I want to welcome…

Church Communication System

Why cloud based text messaging solution trumps other applications like Skype, iMessenger, WhatsApp, etc…

By Jason Alexis | February 14, 2017

Using a cloud-based app allows you to extend the application and integrate with other tools that you are using.

Text vs. Email vs. Push

Text vs. Email vs. Push

By Jason Alexis | January 24, 2017

Many pastors, church leaders and ministers face the same problem: how to quickly communicate important information to your entire congregation. In the past, there were easy, straightforward solutions. You could send something in the mail, hand out a note at church, or call people. There was a time when writing a letter was the easiest…