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The Anatomy of a Guest Follow-up Text

Your weekend services are too important to let any new guests fall through the cracks.

Let us help you reach more guests by adding our Digital Connect Texts to your service this weekend.

Having previously discussed the anatomy of a guest follow-up process, it was concluded that adding text, sent on Monday after the weekend service, as the Step 1 in your process (or as the only thing you do to follow up with your guests) sees up to 80% more engagement than not texting.

text follow up schedule

Let’s now explore the anatomy of what that text should look like. But before we dive in, let’s talk about the guiding principle.

Effective communicators already have an accurate feel for what compelling copy looks like, even if they don’t actively know the elements. Even if you don’t consider yourself a great communicator, just having that ‘pulse’ of how to engage with people means you actually know what effective text copy looks like. Many of us don’t always think about it that way or do it all the time, but we could. Here’s our proof.

A first-time guest is like your first-time crush, if you think about it. You are trying to connect with someone you don’t know and you are trying to so without “blowing” your chances. At least, if you approach first-time guest follow-up this way, you are likely to nail it and engage more.

It is also great stewardship as most churches already spend time, talent, and treasure in getting people to come to church for the first time. Isn’t the next step in building a relationship?

So, what exactly is the anatomy of a guest follow-up text?

There are 7 parts to an effective guest follow-up text.

Integration: Church Community Builder
  • Short (~ 160 characters or less) sent within 48 hrs after the event.

  • Coming from a local, 10-digit number (not a short code).

  • Integrates the person’s name—Personalization.

  • Says who you are in a very natural way. Ideally, from a person like a pastor or with some specific, church-related role.

  • Writes using shorthand and natural communication—e.g. wknd vs. weekend.

  • A reminder of how you got connected so they don’t feel spammed. In other words, how did you get your guest’s number?—e.g. Hi, (guest name), thx for joining us this wknd.

  • An implicit ending that shows you care and can invoke a response.

    Some alternatives to #7 might include asking questions to promote engagement and that can work. However, it does put some pressure on your first-time guest to respond and raises the flag of wanting something. But if you decide to ask a question, it should always be focused on showing that you care about how they feel—e.g. “Were your needs met at our church?” or “Can we pray for you?”.vs. “Are you able to do...? “ or “Do you want to attend an event?”.

Here are some examples of great guest follow-up texts.

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). Was great to see you this past wknd. Enjoy your day & know we are praying for you.

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). Grateful for your presence this past wknd. Have a super day and a blessed week.

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). Thanks for joining us this past wknd. Our prayers are with you.

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). Thanks for taking part this past wknd. Were we able to meet your needs?

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). Was great you took part this past wknd. Any questions we can help with?

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). Grateful for you choosing to worship with us this past wknd. Is there something you would you like to learn more about?

  • Hi, (guest name), (your name) here, a (your role) at (your church name). If you were to describe this weekend with an emoji, meme, or picture, what would that be?

Here’s how you would do that within PastorsLine.

The primary thing to keep in mind is thinking about the end user and not your needs. Imagine the first-time guest as a potential crush that you are trying to woo to Christ.

People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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