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The Mailchimp integration with our system is planned. August 2018

Imagine you are on the pulpit and wanted to capture someone's name, phone and email then send then a follow-up text or an email with a link to a pdf you promised. Would this be something that can save you time?

This workflow (using our will not require any links to an external website at all. All via the way most people communicate - texting.

Adding an email integration can help improve your guest follow-up process, member's assimilation or just automating sending of longer content via email.

What we didn't want to do is reinvent the wheel and try to create what other companies have mastered. Not only the design options but understand email compliance and deliverability.

We believe if you are not already automated your email delivery through the integrations we currently support (CCB & PCO), the next best option is to integrate with MailChimp.

MailChimp offers 12000 free emails per month for up to 2k subscribers. Great email templates and has great reputation and best practices to ensure your email can be delivered.

Here's what we plan to work on soon.

  1. Ability to automated an email to go out by choosing one of your saved templates in MC.
  2. Ability to write the body of an email and send using a MC template.
  3. Ability to add someone from PL (keyword or manually) and move them over to a list or group within MC. This is how you can automate follow up emails.

We are not sure if we will do more than that at this time but I would love to know your thoughts on using email and what you would expect when we integrate with MailChimp.

If possible, we’d like Phase 1 to be a complete sync—where you can pull and push all data between both your PastorsLine and MailChimp accounts. However, this is likely to come later.

If you want early access to our MailChimp beta testing, subscribe below.

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