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May 7, 2019

Data Capture: Own Views

People in a group might have gotten there via a PastorsLine Data Capture Campaign (automated messages campaign – AMC). However, they could also have been manually added or entered via an integration. So, showing you the Groups page view for a data capture campaign does not accurately reflect who has been texting into the campaign.

We have separated the two features, Groups and Campaigns, with each feature having its own views. This means that the people who are listed on the Data Capture Details page of a specific campaign are only those people who have texted in.

Now that things are separate, you will be able to see on which step each texter is. If you wish, you can manually stop the data capture process for this texter.

Also, you will see all your groups whether or not they have an associated keywords. This makes it easier for you to manage you data captures such as cloning and copying.

Web App (V1), Groups, Campaigns, Features

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