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Nov 25, 2019

Links and templates in the new HUB

The legacy app (Inbox 1.0)

PastorsLine gave you the option of adding images, merge fields, templates, and/or links to your text messages.

The new HUB

Now, all these 4 options are available in the new HUB, too.

Time to check out the new HUB?

Have you been sticking with Inbox 1.0 because you use templates/links and they were not previously available in the new HUB? That made sense but now they are.

This means that most of the features of Inbox 1.0 are available via the HUB in a faster and more user-friendly way.

We suggest that it’s time to check things out for yourself (if you have not already done so).

Read more about links and templates.

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