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May 26, 2019

Rebrandly Integration

Mobile carriers may reject the text messages sent via PastorsLine.  There are known and unknown reasons why this happens.

Sprint and T-Mobile have simultaneously begun doing more aggressive filtering. As our vendor continues to work with carriers to allow for sending mass texts via a local, 10-digit number, we have decided to add more redundancies.

One of the known reasons carriers block messages is when mass text messages include URLs. The carriers’ machine learning software decides this activity is unusual, that it looks like a spammer’s phishing attempt. The chances of being blocked increase if the message includes specific known URL shorteners and things such as ‘’ or ‘’. Even worse is if it includes ‘http/https’.

Our main recommendation is to use secondary numbers to spread the load. We also suggest avoiding the known keywords that trigger blocking. Another help is to use the Rebrandly URL shortening service.

We have now integrated Rebrandly for you. We have used custom new domain names to attempt to bypass the carrier algorithms. These new names will more successfully deliver your messages across several domain names.

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