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Churches are using a short code (or toll-free number) to work around the cell phone provider restrictions. Church text messages are processed via the short code/toll-free number and replies are received to that same code or number.

What happens if a church has multiple organizations or campuses? How does PastorsLine decide who receives the replies?

The PastorsLine system sends replies to the LAST organization/campus which sent a message.


Your church has 2 campuses: North and South Campus.

From the North Campus account, using the short code, you send a group message to all of your contacts. All replies to this group message will go to the North Campus account.

Then, from the South Campus account, using the short code, you send a message to the same contacts group. Now, all replies will be sent to the South Campus account—even if the reply is to the North Campus message.

The idea is we will always send the reply to the last organization a message was sent from.

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