Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder

By Team PastorsLine | April 21, 2017

Improve your church communications (and reduce your workload) by integration your CCB and PastorsLine accounts If you are already using Church Community Builder (CCB) to build community, engage people, and help grow disciples, but not quite as satisfied with CCB’s Twexting™ feature, we have great news for you. We are happy to announce a deep,…


Easter Follow-up

By Jerrod Boling | April 19, 2017

Congratulations to you and your ministerial team for making it through the weekend. You guys deserve a gold star! So just over the weekend you now have seen many guests and visitors or people that you haven’t seen in quite a while. You [probably] have their names and their phone numbers — possibly even emails.…

Cloud Based Text Messaging

Easy Ministry Ideas | PastorsLine

By Team PastorsLine | April 5, 2017

Easy Ministry Ideas Video Transcript Are you looking for an easy and simple ministry to start of your own? Well, in this video, I talk about how you can use your cell phone to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Stay tuned! Hey guys, my name is Justin and I want to welcome…

Church Communication System

Why cloud based text messaging solution trumps other applications like Skype, iMessenger, WhatsApp, etc…

By Jason Alexis | February 14, 2017

Using a cloud-based app allows you to extend the application and integrate with other tools that you are using.

Cloud Based Messaging App

3 Things the Top Churches are Doing Now

By Jason Alexis | February 14, 2017

Texting DOES work and IS effective, provided your church knows how to use it AND you have a text messaging system that has the elements you need. Many systems include modules so you can do the things you should be doing now.

Best Church Texting System

Are you using texting in churches? Here are top 3 things you should already be doing

By Jason Alexis | February 14, 2017

If you are already using texting, then you are probably already doing these 3 things. If you are new to using texting, here are the top 3 activities most churches should be doing to get started. I. Sharing Sending emergency updates, news updates and newsletters: One of the main reasons for using SMS messaging is…

weekly webinar

Why Text + Getting Started with PastorsLine (101)

By Team PastorsLine | February 11, 2017

Jerrod Boling, product evangelist for PastorsLine, has created a short, info-packed, intro to PastorsLine. He explains why digital communication is so important to the growth and success of churches today. Then, he gives real-world examples of how PastorsLine improves communication with your church family and promotes the growth of your ministry. Finally, Jerrod enthusiastically walks…

Text vs. Email vs. Push

Text vs. Email vs. Push

By Jason Alexis | January 24, 2017

Many pastors, church leaders and ministers face the same problem: how to quickly communicate important information to your entire congregation. In the past, there were easy, straightforward solutions. You could send something in the mail, hand out a note at church, or call people. There was a time when writing a letter was the easiest…

So, texting in churches? Where are we now?

So, texting in churches? Where are we now?

By Jason Alexis | January 24, 2017

You’ve most likely heard A LOT about including text messaging as part of a church communications plan. Some of what you’ve heard is in favor of including texting and some is against. It can seem a bit confusing. As a result of the confusion, You might not be using text because you mistakenly think it…


10 Tips for zooming into online church meetings (Part I)

By Jason Alexis | December 20, 2016

Part II: Why and how your church should use Zoom to live stream your church services, especially in emergencies Why do you hold church meetings? To transfer information? Consider texting or sending an email instead. To socialize? Nice, but team-building activities are more effective…and more fun. That leaves situations where you and your church team…