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(and it’s not what you think)!

This eGuide contains vital information that your church needs to Grow,
Connect, and Communicate. It presents information and recommendations that will help your church build healthy relationships via text messaging:

  • So, texting in churches? Where are we now?
  • Quick Recap: Why should your church even bother with text at all?
  • OK, texting IS an important communications tool. But what about email and push notifications?
  • Fine, I get why text is important now, but why does my church need to bother with a cloud-based solution (and not my phone or free apps)?
  • Big bonus with using cloud-based apps instead of local apps.
  • Makes sense. So, I noticed some churches use short codes and others long. What’s the deal?
  • SMS text messaging, short and long codes explored.
  • What else should I look out for?
  • A Reminder of the 3 Top Things You should already be Doing.
    I. Sharing
    II. Listening
    III. Inviting
  • That’s cool. What are the 3 Things the Top Churches are Doing Now?
    I. Cultivating/Building relationships: Forget text; let’s talk about relationships.
    II. Collecting and tracking data: taking the first steps
    III. Integrating the data: You’ve got the information; what’s next?
  • So, you are ready to Level 2 your text strategy. Before diving in, remember these Simple Rules.
  • The anatomy of a guest follow-up dialogue.

No matter your position in the church--pastor, deacon, elder, treasurer, technology director and webmaster, communications director, ministry leader, or faithful member--there is something for you in this ebook that will help your church Grow, Connect, and Communicate.

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