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Fixes, Features, and forecast

Since we last reported, we’ve been full steam ahead on your wishlist items and tweaking things to make PastorsLine more intuitive and even more powerful.

One of the areas we have been busy attending to is the issue of multiple numbers. More than one telephone number is great but it can get confusing. We have added several important features to help keep things organized and running smoothly.

Switching between multiple numbers

Using more than one phone number under one account? Getting messages from multiple numbers may confuse your contacts. PastorsLine now checks and prompts you when the number you are planning to send from is different than the number you sent the last message from.

Creating nicknames when using multiple numbers

For many people, it is easier to associate a purpose with a name rather than a string of numbers. So, for churches with several numbers, PastorsLine has added a ‘nickname feature’. You can add a nickname to each of your phone numbers to help you remember which number belongs with which use.

Filtering conversations by number

We’re hoping that your digital strategy is working excellently and that your Inbox is full. If you are working with several phone numbers, that may mean a lot of messages. To see only the messages you are interested in at the moment, you can now filter Inbox messages by phone number.

And since we are always moving forward to make things even better

On the way…

  • Automated Messages: As we reported, automated messages are big and getting bigger. We want your church to be able to make the most of this powerful tool. It's currently in public beta. 
  • Planning Center (PC): At the moment, we have a 1-way integration which is nice but 2-way would be nicer, right? In the works!
  • Landline Text Messages: What if we could host your landline and you could get all your texts and calls via the PastorsLine system? You’ll have that option soon.

Our full feature, free trial

If you have tried our product or plan on doing so, you can now extend your trial after 30 days to get an additional 14 days. Just enter the coupon code GRACE on the billing page when logged in and select a plan. You will pay only $1 and can cancel before the 14th day and not be charged. Additionally, we give you an additional 500 credits. So go ahead, do take advantage of this offer.

If you sign up today, however, we will give you a bonus 500 credits. This invite code MAR31 will expire March 31st, 2018. So act now.

author: Jason Alexis


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