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At the moment, PastorsLine offers you a choice of three (3) types of toll-free numbers.

Option 1: Regular toll-free number

You do not need to get approval for this number. You just add it to your account and start using it. Messages sent through this type of toll-free number are still subject to carrier filtering, but not as much as those sent by local 10-digit numbers. Regular toll-free numbers process SMS messages at a rate of 3 messages per second ( 3 MPS) by default.


Option 2: High throughput toll-free number

These are toll-free numbers which have a higher than usual message rate. They are purchased for an additional cost. In other words, this cost is in addition to your PastorsLine plan / subscription. At the moment, the minimum rate is 25 messages per second (25 MPS) – compared to the default of 3 MPS for the regular toll-free number (see #1 above). For an added cost, this message send rate can be increased even more.


Option 3: PastorsLine high throughput, shared, verified toll-free number

Just like our shared short code (77411), PastorsLine now has a high throughput, shared, verified toll-free number. When you are sending a message, you can now choose to send it via your PastorsLine number, our shared short code, or our high throughput, shared, verified, toll-free number.

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