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Interview: How Mission Church 10x its ‘personal factor’

Tommy group director

In this spontaneous, email-based interview, we looked at how Mission Church is using digital tools to connect with people in an authentic way. Mission Church in Ventura, CA offers practical Bible teaching and authentic worship in a creative, welcoming environment. Tommy Carreras is their group director. He also coordinates the new guest connection process. Tommy’s…

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Version 3

You have been Upgraded!   14 new features in Version 3 PastorsLine Version 3 Release 2 is available: your wishlist items + our ideas wrapped up in a more convenient and user-friendly platform. Check out what’s new inside! Watch the Webinar Replay Switch back to Version 2 Signup for Version 3 Ready to try out Version…

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Imagine you are on the pulpit and wanted to capture someone’s name, phone and email then send then a follow-up text or an email with a link to a pdf you promised. Would this be something that can save you time?

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Priced for Church Communication (Works in U.S., CA, AU and more…)_BKP_19-12

Priced for Church Communication (Works in U.S., CA, AU and more…) Messages never expire. No contracts. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time! CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT Compare Paid Plans Free Trial Full access, no CC, 30 days Get started for free 500 messages 1 U.S. or CA Phone No.++ 5 External integrations * Paid…

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Just 3 Clicks to send Files


Major Update: text Sermon Notes, Welcome Videos, and a variety of other files in just 3 Clicks What could possibly be new about sending files, right? Wrong! You probably have sent files before but you had to send them via links. Now, we’ve cut out the middle steps to make it a 3-click process. New?…

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PastorsLine SMS / Texts

2-way Texting (SMS / MMS) Give a more human feel to your church engagement and guest follow-up with the most effective form of communication: 2-way SMS. Using personalized 2-way SMS, you can send and receive texts, picture messages (MMS) and even attach files—knowing 90% of those messages will be read within 3 minutes. Free 30-day…

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short and long codes explored

Phase 2: Lease your 77411 keyword(s) today Get the power of our newly-leased short code (77411) without the excessive expense and paperwork by reserving your preferred keywords today. Lease Now What’s a keyword? A keyword is a WORD or PHRASE you can set up within PastorsLine to trigger a specific campaign (autoreply or data capture…

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Solutions for…VBS

Solutions for…VBS VBS is a fun and interactive way to “train up children in the way they should go.” It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with parents who have strayed and start relationships with unchurched community members.  No doubt you’re covered as to what to do—there are some excellent VBS packages out there. But…

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2000 messages for 60 days


Using texting to support Faith Over Fear In times of national or international crises, our faith is tested. When the normal options to drive to church and fellowship are removed by said crisis, how can your church ensure you are shining the light of Hope to those who may find themselves deeper in the cave…

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Our team

Our Team A global product requires a global team We are a US-based company serving the world. Our remote team covers more than 6 countries. The different time zones enable us to research, code, test, fix and support our clients almost 24/7 Our Story Anne Heath Jason Alexis Wyatt Allen Daniel Fornes Lalaine Sogol Sergei…

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