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forvardSo, texting in churches? Where are we now?

phoneFine, I get why text is important now, but why can't I just use my phone or free apps?

222A reminder of the 3 Top Things You should already be Doing

111That’s cool. What are the 3 Things the Top Churches are Doing Now?


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The anatomy of a guest follow-up text

By Jason Alexis

  The Anatomy of a Guest Follow-up Text Your weekend services are too important to let any new guests fall through the cracks. Let us help you reach more guests by adding our Digital Connect Texts to your service this weekend. Having previously discussed the anatomy of a guest follow-up…

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people in a group

The anatomy of a guest follow-up process

By Jason Alexis

  There are several aspects of a proper guest strategy that has nothing to do with digital tools. Your process is number #1. Your process also varies based on your church culture, your church resources, and your church mission. What is central to all churches is the commission to make…

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PastorsLine / CCB Integrations: What’s Happening At the Moment

By Jason Alexis

We’re really enjoying how your feedback is leading to improvements and refinements. Thanks and keep those comments / requests coming! Here’s where we are at the moment… Duplicates handling It’s no secret that most CCB users probably have tons of duplicate data within their applications. And once you sync that…

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Fixes, Features, and forecast

#FFF – Fixes, Features, and Forecast – June 2017

By Jason Alexis

We think of PastorsLine as the “Facebook” of text messaging. Our aim is to help churches use technology to fulfill their ministry by connecting with people in an authentic social way. Let’s be honest. For most situations and for most people, texting is less stressful, less intrusive. You can read…

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Fixes, Features, and forecast

April 2017 Features, Fixes and Forecast

By Jason Alexis

We have done a ton under the hood of PastorsLine. You will continue to notice improved performance when using the desktop or mobile app. Mobile App ​Talking about the mobile app, have you tried it yet? Whether or not you prefer using the desktop version, I would recommend installing and…

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swiss knife

Why cloud based text messaging solution trumps other applications like Skype, iMessenger, WhatsApp, etc…

By Jason Alexis

Using a cloud-based app allows you to extend the application and integrate with other tools that you are using.

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3 Things the Top Churches are Doing Now

By Jason Alexis

Texting DOES work and IS effective, provided your church knows how to use it AND you have a text messaging system that has the elements you need. Many systems include modules so you can do the things you should be doing now.

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Are you using texting in churches? Here are top 3 things you should already be doing

By Jason Alexis

If you are already using texting, then you are probably already doing these 3 things. If you are new to using texting, here are the top 3 activities most churches should be doing to get started. I. Sharing Sending emergency updates, news updates and newsletters: One of the main reasons…

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Text vs. Email vs. Push

By Jason Alexis

Many pastors, church leaders and ministers face the same problem: how to quickly communicate important information to your entire congregation. In the past, there were easy, straightforward solutions. You could send something in the mail, hand out a note at church, or call people. There was a time when writing…

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So, texting in churches? Where are we now?

By Jason Alexis

You’ve most likely heard A LOT about including text messaging as part of a church communications plan. Some of what you’ve heard is in favor of including texting and some is against. It can seem a bit confusing. As a result of the confusion, You might not be using text…

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Church Data capture (FKA Autoresponder): chat bots that boost communication

By Jason Alexis

We share your communication challenges. Having been a church communicator, I’ve been there, trying to make contact, whether it’s a first-time chat with guests or sending relevant information to existing members. We have seen that the best communication strategy is to have a variety of options which can be suited…

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Building an Effective Communication Strategy for a Children’s Ministry

By Jason Alexis

Scott and Julie Lorino have been leaders in children’s ministry since 2001. They have served as Adventurers club leaders, both at their home congregation of Houston Central Seventh-day Adventist Church and district-wide in the Texas Conference, as well. The Adventurers Club started as classes within the Adventist School system curricula in…

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